Top 25: Fics We Wish Would Update Already


Each and every one of us has experienced that absolutely maddening frustration when our favorite fanfic doesn’t get updated for a century and a half. And all we want to do is track the author down, grab them by the collar and scream with the power of the almighty gods, ‘Just update already!’ Come on now, don’t be coy, we know you’ve thought this. So we present to you our ‘Top 25 Fics We Wish Would Update Already’:

A Father’s Fear by PixieKindOfCrazy

If you’re not usually a fan of baby fics, this one may change your mind . A Father’s Fear is an AH fic where Klaus and Caroline are in a steady, if slightly complicated, relationship. Things get more complicated when Caroline finds out she is pregnant. Klaus does not react very well to the news which doesn’t exactly surprise Caroline, but will the reasons behind his apprehension? The story takes us down the path to understanding Klaus’ insecurities and his past, while also giving us plenty of Klaroline feels. The last chapter leaves us with an important revelation about Klaus’ past and an uncertain future for their relationship. Hopefully all our questions will be answered with an update!

All’s Fair by Fadingtales

All’s Fair is the action-packed prequel to In Love and War which features some of the most exciting Greek myths. Ares (Klaus) has just convinced Athena (Caroline) to be his sparring partner and the sexual tension between the two is so thick you could cut it with a knife.  Meanwhile, Athena and Diomedes (Stefan) have parted ways and Aphrodite (Katherine) is pregnant by Ares (or so she says). This story has kept us on our toes for months and even though we have read the sequel and know the myths, it still keeps surprising us and makes us want more. What happens next? What is Aphrodite planning? How hot and heavy are Ares and Athena going to get?

Come Freely, Go Safely by liar.faker

In this Dracula inspired AU, Tyler Lockwood heads to Transylvania, seeking the help of the infamous Lord Niklaus to break his werewolf curse. He wishes to be free from his enslavement to the moon so he can be with his love, Caroline. Little does Tyler know who, or what, Lord Niklaus really is, and what his intentions are, especially once Tyler tells him some extremely surprising information. Surprising and fortunate, for Niklaus at least. This sets in motion a series of events that put not only Tyler’s life at risk, but the lives of his closest friends, especially Caroline’s. At the cliffhanger ending we are left to wonder about the devious smirk on Klaus’ face after Tyler announces his engagement to Caroline. Is this a part of Klaus’ master plan or will he just allow Tyler to marry such an extraordinary beauty without interfering? We must await an update for the answer, but we are pretty sure it’s not the latter.

Cowboys and Indians by jomosfamilyjewels

Cowboys and Indians has the magical ability to transport us back in time to the rough and adventurous Wild Wild West, where Klaus and Caroline are childhood friends until his family is forced to turn to a life of crime. Even though his new life keeps them apart, Klaus never forgets about her and Caroline never forgets about him. Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a Klaroline story if they never meet again. When the story last left us, Klaus and Caroline had their epic reunion, hot kiss and all, and Elena revealed that according to Apache custom Klaus and Caroline are expected to get married. The shock barely sinks in before the chapter ends and we’re left waiting. Will they marry? Are they ready for that? Was the engraving on the tree that they made all those years ago foreshadowing that they will be together forever?

I Don’t Date Men With Accents by peaceful village

In this AH story, Caroline is a single mom living in Chicago. She has almost everything she could want, great friends, a decent job, a wonderful daughter. The only thing missing is a father for her daughter, Ella. As the story begins, her neighbor and good friend Kol asks her for a favor: to be his date to one of his brothers’ wedding back in England. Little does she know that her whole life will change on that trip. I Don’t Date Men With Accents is a fluffy, fun Klaroline story. The last update leaves you wondering where Klaus and Caroline’s relationship is going, complete with a bit of a cliffhanger involving something potentially significant for their growing relationship that Caroline happens upon.

lay all your love on me by

After a one night stand with a guy she doesn’t know, Caroline finds herself pregnant. Surprisingly, her ex Damon is there to support her in the ob’s office. Since he was the one to suggest a random hook-up, he feels like supporting her and the future child is the least he can do. As they leave the appointment, Klaus notices the beautiful blonde he slept with almost two months ago coming out of his future sister-in-law’s office. He eventually puts two and two together, but is he too late when he runs after her? lay all your love on me follows Klaus and Caroline as she deals with the pregnancy and he deals with the knowledge that he is going to be a father. The story ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. We are left to wonder how all the relationships we have been introduced to will turn out, especially those involving Caroline and Klaus.

Legal Affairs by girlylittlecaroline

Legal Affairs brings together some good old writing genres; mystery, drama and romance. It is an AU/AH fic that pulls you in from the very first chapter, creating intriguing elements to propel you to read on. Klaus and Caroline stand on opposite ends of the courtroom, yet despite them being on different sides their tumulous and turbulent past brings up some hastily suppressed but never forgotten memories, giving us the perfect leeway to some delicious sexual tension. Add to that the burning question of ‘Who the hell killed Elena?’ and you have yourself a winner. Legal affairs is a must read, and we love it. But imagine how much more we’d love it if it just updated already.

Light The Way by Muffintine

In a world where magically gifted women are sold off to the highest bidder in order to continue the line of magic, Caroline finds herself being ripped from her home and brought to a strange place to be auctioned off. She has the power of light, able to create it and also to give it to others, to make them feel the light within themselves. She will be brought to a ball before she is sold, to be shown off to the wealthy men who wish to purchase her. There are worse things for Caroline to fear than whoever will end up as her husband, however, such as vampires who have a taste for magical blood. Unfortunately for her, she seems to have caught the eye of Klaus, most volatile vampire of them all, and soon finds herself his property. But could there be something more between them? And what secrets are he hiding behind his cold façade?

Lovers At Sea by lostinmyvampireworld

In the year 1700, Lady Caroline Forbes is sent to London to attend a ball. Her father wishes her married and the ball will be the perfect place to find her a suitor. The Mikaelson family, wealthy lords and secret pirates, as well as the most sought after bachelors are also in attendance. Caroline catches the eye of Niklaus Mikaelson, as she is the only girl there, save his sister, who did not throw herself at his feet for his name and wealth. Unfortunately for Caroline, her father chooses a husband that lives far away in France, and is sending her there by ship at once. The Mikaelsons, however, already have plans for that particular ship, and perhaps also for Caroline. Lovers At Sea follows Caroline and Klaus’ relationship as she is thrown headfirst into the world of pirates. We are left with a major cliffhanger, not knowing what will happen to Caroline and Klaus after the dangers of a pirate’s life catches up with them in a deadly way.

Off limits by clangwee

Off Limits combines a perfect blend of humor and romance with a tinge of drama in this AH story. A boyishly arrogant, criminally sexy, and very much dimpled boss (Klaus) falls for his chirpy, upbeat and sunshiny employee (Caroline). Caroline also finds herself smitten, as if she had any chance resisting the tempting picture that is Klaus Mikaelson. Cue hot, scandalous office sex in inappropriate places. Cue someone almost catching them. Cue Damon being a total Klaroline shipper and being the perfect AU Damon he always is. And then cue sudden angst, because clangwee is incapable of writing 50 words without putting angst in there somewhere. Off Limits is one story we’re all praying will make a long and lengthy return, especially since the last chapter ends with Klaus saying the words “I just want you.”

Paradise Circus by Lila2

After failing to break the sire bond, Tyler finds himself up against a tree with Klaus’ hand around his heart. Only Caroline’s pleas save him, but it is only for the moment, as the sire bond is for life. In order to free Tyler of Klaus’ control, she makes a deal with him; she will let him show her the world and do whatever he asks. He takes her to Rome first, and when they are back in the hotel room Caroline prepares herself for his demands, but all he wants to do is draw her. Klaus continues to surprise Caroline through their travels and she finds herself growing closer to him and further from Tyler. Over time Caroline learns what it means to be a vampire and why Klaus is the way that he is. The last chapter of Paradise Circus leaves us with Caroline just having made a decision about her feelings towards Klaus, and we are left to wonder what will happen between them next.

Possession by maevelin

Caroline Salvatore has no interest in the family business, and she certainly never wanted to be forced to marry a member of a rival mafia family to fortify an alliance. But that is exactly the position she finds herself in after her father’s sudden death. Her older brother Damon decides she must marry Klaus Mikaelson, or else he will kill her beloved boyfriend Matt. Forced into a marriage to a man she hates, Caroline feels alone. But as she gets to know her new husband, she finds herself drawn to him. He is the only one who can protect her, keep her safe. But will Klaus open his heart to her, or only keep her as an instrument to preserve the families’ unity, as his possession?

Redemption by MidnightAngel30

Redemption picks up where Torment left off. Klaus is intent on taking out The Five. Unfortunately for him, Caroline insists on helping. That means she needs to be trained. Klaus teaches her self-defense, and makes sure she knows how to protect herself, especially from him. His nightmares are back and he can’t help but wonder when they will become real, when he will hurt the ones he loves. Caroline reassures him the best she can, but Klaus will not be able to rest easy until his mission is complete. The story leaves off with Klaus finishing up his first task of going after The Five. But there are still four members left, and we want to know how Klaus, and Caroline, take them down.

So Long, Lonesome by Banana71588

In this AU story, Caroline grew up alongside the Originals when they were human. Told through her memories, with hints of the future, we watch Caroline’s relationships and interactions with the Mikaelsons, especially her relationship with Nik. She was always told he was trouble, but never really understood why everyone said so, until she was sixteen. The looks they exchanged; she thought, she hoped… But no, he said he didn’t want her. But did he mean it? The chapters follow their relationship as it ebbs and flows, until the last update and we are left wondering what will happen to the two of them, to all the Mikaelsons, as they grow older and approach what we know to be inevitable: the creation of vampires.

Solstice by

Three words; Dark. Greek. Gods. Not convinced? Have two more; Sexual. tension. Solstice encompasses the eternal favorite AU with Greek Gods and the even more popular theme of a Greek God (Klaus – The Sun God) being enamored with a lowly human (Caroline) with no special qualities, other than the fact that the Sun God has an undeniable need for her. And best of all, she turns him down. This story takes you through an intricate plot, more Greeks Gods, and some amazing Klaroline interactions. The last chapter involves some pretty hot and heavy action between Klaroline that left us more hot and bothered than it did Klaus. We need that update. Preferably yesterday. Especially since the last chapter ended with Hayley doing what she does best; giving us 10 more reasons to not like her.

Sweet Nightmares by maevelin

This dark story picks up at the end of Season 3. Klaus manages to escape his desiccated state and sees Caroline celebrating his “death” with her friends. Enraged, he decides to turn his obsessive tendencies in a new direction: Caroline. He confronts her in her bedroom, determined to put her through an eternity of torture for daring to defy him. Since there is still vervain in her system, he has to save the compulsion for another time and decides to start with her dreams. He will turn her every sleeping moment into an endless nightmare, one more real and terrifying than she could ever imagine. Sweet Nightmares leaves off with Klaus promising to show her what it truly means to be a vampire. But no, it’s not a promise, it’s a threat.

Sympathy for the Devil by TwistedType

Sympathy for the Devil begins in 2×22 with one major difference: Caroline is still human. Klaus forces her to join him and Stefan on their quest to create hybrids in order to keep Stefan in line. This dark story follows the trio as they follow similar canon events on the hybrid trail. The major difference from canon is the interest a much darker Klaus has in Caroline. Events take a turn as the story unfolds. Sympathy for the Devil leaves off on a cliffhanger, leaving us to wonder exactly what is happening with Caroline and how Klaus’ journey to creating successful hybrids will end.

Terms and Conditions by RadientWings

In Terms and Conditions Klaus is in control of the cure after retrieving it from Katherine. Surprisingly, Caroline comes to him to offer him a deal: the cure in exchange for herself. Klaus is understandably shocked at her offer. Does her selflessness and loyalty to her friends know no bounds? She would give herself over to Klaus, to do with her as he wished, just so Elena could take the cure? The story follows Caroline and Klaus after he accepts her offer. Will she find herself forever attached to an evil sociopath, or will she discover there is more to Klaus than meets the eye? Terms and Conditions leaves us wanting to know what will happen in the fifth and final part. Is their relationship only a deal or is there something more?

The Devil In Me by immortalpen

In Regency Era London the wealthy Pierce sisters and their companion Caroline Forbes are of marriageable age. The twins’ mother is set on having a daughter marry into the prestigious Mikaelson family, and what better choice than the notorious Niklaus? While arrangements are made for Elena to wed him, marriage plans cannot stop the attraction between Klaus and Caroline. They may find love together, but will it last? This Klaroline romance left us with Klaus and Caroline finally rekindling their love after years of estrangement. After endless chapters of angst there was finally hope for our favorite couple. But just as we felt optimistic, the chapter ended on a cliffhanger with Klaus receiving a threatening note, claiming that it was time for him to pay his debts. Who is the note from? Will Klaus keep the note from Caroline or will he tell the truth? What will Caroline do when she finds out, as you know she will; will she shun him again or will she stand by his side? So many unanswered questions, so many reasons for this much loved winner of Best Underrated Fiction in the Klaroline Awards 2013 to be updated.

The Devil in White by Reels

Caroline chose to stay behind in Mystic Falls for her mother, far longer than an unaging vampire should. When the townspeople vervain her and bring her to the gym to be staked, she accepts her death with open arms. Klaus, however, is not so accepting, and swoops in to save her, killing her would-be murderers in the process. Caroline is afraid of being alone and asks Klaus to take her with him, to show her the world like he had promised years ago. Through their travels the two grow closer, perhaps too close for Caroline’s comfort. She continues to fight her feelings for him, putting space and distance between them. But when she does finally come around and realizes how she truly feels, will it be too late? The Devil in White left us at a crucial point in Caroline’s journey to understanding her feelings towards Klaus. With help from some unexpected places, will Caroline be able to happily reunite with Klaus, or will he push her away, like she has done to him so many times before?

The Seven Seas by Bullet2tm

In this AH swashbuckling tale, Niklaus Mikaelson is the most bloodthirsty pirate of the seven seas. He and his family make a deal with Katherine, and their end of the bargain requires them to bring her long lost twin, Elena, back to her. When they attack the village Elena lives in, they encounter some unexpected resistance in the form of a beautiful blonde. Caroline picks up a sword and defends her friend, managing to defeat Kol, but unable to stop the other pirates from grabbing Elena. Klaus, impressed with her skills, orders her taken as well. The Seven Seas follows a Dark!Klaus as he struggles to come to terms with why he is keeping Caroline aboard his ship and what he is starting to feel towards her. The last chapter leaves us hanging with a drunken Caroline kissing Klaus, who pushes her away. What will this mean for their budding relationship? And when will we get to see Klaus kiss her back?!

The Vixens and The Vamps by Soapfactory

This hilarious parody involving all your favorites from TVD will have you snickering at your screen as you read. A human Klaus returns to Mystic Falls for his sister’s wedding to none other than his old friend, Stefan Salvatore. On the day of the wedding he runs into Caroline Forbes, maid of honor, and immediately becomes enamored with her. While Klaus, and his cell phone, try to win her affections, all the soap-operary drama you could want is going on around them, as a wedding is the perfect backdrop for drama. The last chapter leaves you with so many unanswered questions: who will reign supreme in Stefan and Finn’s epic hair battle, what were Mikael and Bill doing in that room together, will Rebekah ever stop crying, why isn’t Alexander wearing a shirt (not that we’re complaining), and many more. We need answers to these questions almost as desperately as Klaus needs Caroline to pick up his cell phone.

Time & Time Again by lostinmysticfalls

Starting off with an alternate version of the ending of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and loosely following major canon events after, this story follows Caroline as she finds herself trapped in a magical time loop. Even worse, all the times she is forced to relive seem to involve Klaus. But does she really think that’s such a bad thing? Caroline is forced to confront all her Klaus-related feelings in order to end the time loop and find her way back to the present. What happens when she does is definitely worth finding out for Klaroline fans. Time & Time Again leaves off on a massive cliffhanger. We are left to wonder what will happen next with the Mystic Falls gang, and more importantly with Klaus and Caroline.

Tourist by Lorelai Pattern

As the name suggests, this story is about Klaus and Caroline travelling the word together, and through each city, each country, they get closer. He sees and learns more about her and she in turn sees and learns more about him. This story will have you swooning over Klaroline (and if you’re not then we’re judging you. Hard.) and praying to every deity possible that this was canon Klaroline. We’re losing hope that this fanfiction will ever get updated, it’s just been so damn long. But hey, we haven’t given up on Klaroline yet have we? So we sure as hell ain’t giving up on this fanfic either. It needs to come back. Especially since the ending of the last chapter had us going ‘Oh no, she didn’t.’

Truth Beyond Legend by AidansQueen

Truth Beyond Legend is not your average time travel story. Esther sends Caroline back to the past, yelling something about “keeping the balance.” Caroline finds herself in a world full of things, people, and languages she is unfamiliar with. The one thing she does recognize is far from comforting: the Originals. Only now they are human. And… different. Caroline finds herself drawn to a human Klaus, and their relationship throughout the story is quite unique and interesting, as is the plot. The last chapter ends on a satisfying note in terms of their relationship, but also leaves a major storyline open and unfinished. We need to know how things are resolved and if Klaus and Caroline get to live happily ever after.

– Written by Jess. Find her on Tumblr

What did you think of our Top 25 choices? Did the fanfics you have in mind make the cut? If not, then please message us on our tumblr or email us here and we’ll make sure to include it in our readers post.


27 responses to “Top 25: Fics We Wish Would Update Already

  1. Yeay…i definitely agree with this list, except, this list missing 2 more fanfics, in my opinion. Pandemonium by LovelyLynn92 and Only Human by peaceful village

  2. Everything from Paradise Circus and down I totally agree with! Especially sympathy for the devil and truth beyond legend! Those are my favorites!!!!

  3. There were actually a lot more fanfics out there that really should update soon that is not on the list. But I definitely agree with the top 25 selection. great job in choosing KM, i hope that this will gonna be a wake up call to all the fanfic writers. As a fanfic writer it really sucks having writers block but it sucks more if there are unsatisfied and angry fanfic readers. 😉
    thanks KM.

  4. But I thought Paradise Circus was complete? I mean the way the writer ended that last chapter could’ve been the end, I would definitely accept it. It’s rational enough and we know that she chose him.

  5. I can wait for the devil in me and possession to be updaded,absolutely amazing stories
    Can I say how delighted I am whith your magazine?When the spin off was announced athough i was very happy(because ,you know, more Klaus)i was sure that Klaroline will be over,not only on the show(s) but in fanfictions also but to my surprise new fics about them appear every day and the lauch of this magazine states that this ship is still strong.

  6. Yesss! Im dying to read Sympathy for the Devil again! And for me the list is missing Strange & Beautiful by sherrap and The Ring In Return by DangerTaylor :)- but its a really good colletion and i kinda read every Klaroline fanfiction anyway 😉

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  9. I was kinda expecting “Tangled Up In Blue” and “Hellbound” to be on the list, but nonetheless, all the above fics are exceptional ❤

  10. Great post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I’m inspired!
    Very useful info particularly the ultimate phase 🙂 I handle such
    info a lot. I was looking for this particular
    info for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

  11. oml yeah! im dying to read the rest of so long, lonesome & its been forever but hey i cant lose hole!

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