Author Interview: liar.faker



1. What made you start writing Klaroline fanfiction? What brought about that urge to write klaroline?

I remember watching 3×11 with my boyfriend and his sister. It was the first close Klaroline interaction and initially I found it strange, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We went to bed, I started to fall asleep and then BOOM! I thought, ‘Oh my God’, they would be perfect together! I started digging and digging. Fanfiction, tumblr, then even more fanfiction. And so reading Klaroline fanfiction made me write Klaroline fanfiction. I had so many ideas in my mind. I wanted to tell my own story of these two.

2. Have you been writing fanfiction for a long time, or is this the first fandom you’ve written in?

I never thought I would be writing anything at all. It was the first fandom I wrote in and for. Thanks to the fandom I got enough courage to write in English, my second language.

3. How did you come up with the plot for “Paradise for the lost”, what was your inspiration for this fic?

As I wrote in the prologue to PFTL, I was inspired by two things. The first, a documentary about the end of the world. The second, Good Omens ­- a book written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The documentary was scary, the book was funny, and so the idea was born. (I’m planning a Halloween PFTL surprise for the readers, but I’ll keep mum about the details till it’s done.)

4. Which story has given you the most hard time to write it, and why?.

My Victorian, Dracula-inspired fic Come Freely, Go Safely. I work twice as hard on it, that’s why it gets updated so slowly. It requires a lot of research, not only on the historical details and circumstances, but also on the style and plot construction. I am proud to say it’s my most polished-up, crafted fic.

5. There is something that you absolutely need when you start to write a story? Do you need the proper light?, a special notebook?, Or any process without which you just feel weird writing.

I just need inspiration, which comes in the weirdest moments. I might be on the bus at 6 am going to work, sleepy and grouchy, and then it strikes. I like making mind-maps, mapping the plot development. I keep a word diary in which I write down words that come out of the blue and inspire me. Sometimes it’s a quote, but most often it’s just one word taken out of the context.

6. Your top 5 shows at the moment.

Amazing shows: Elementary, Revenge, Sleepy Hollow, Arrow. (And I know it will be the sixth, but I miss Teen Wolf so much.)

7. You receive a call from the CW, to be a part of the writing staff in The Vampire Diaries or The Originals. You can only write for one, which show do you pick and why? What do you fix/get rid of, and how would you go about keeping the Klaroline flame alive?

I would write for The Originals, fixing all the flaws in JP’s reasoning. I would erase the whole miracle baby drama or at least push it into a different direction. I would bring Kol back no matter what and how. I would introduce Caroline to New Orleans. I would get her on the same team with Rebekah, so they can finally mend fences. The Klaroline flame wouldn’t necessarily burn bright from the start. I would like them to keep building the connection slowly. The journey itself is more interesting than reaching the destination.

8. Dream job?.

Being Chuck Palahniuk’s personal assistant! Even if it only meant grabbing him a cup of coffee every day. I adore the man with my soul and every cell of my body.

9. Your favourite Klaroline fanfictions or drabbles, etc?

My absolute number one author is but_seriously on She’s a genius, I’m telling you. A genius. And of course the Master to my Igor aka Ashley aka TheDeej – she’s the funniest writer I’ve ever known, but she can kill you with feels as easily as she can make you laugh. I love the fic Therapy by The-Passionate-Sun, it’s so well-written and moving. And I’m hooked on Hellbound by MidnightAngel30/moonandstarscollide – so much adrenaline.

I’m so jealous of them, people shouldn’t be that talented! 😉

10. For something random now; Do you watch reality tv shows? Which ones?

I tried to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but I gave up. I just couldn’t.  I’m pretty sure it’s what they make you watch for the eternity in Hell.

Check out Kate’s amazing fanfiction here

Interview by Valeria. Find her on Tumblr



3 responses to “Author Interview: liar.faker

  1. hey there Valeria!
    i love interviews. it gives me opportunity to know more about these amazing writers and bloggers.
    I admire liar.faker, she’s witty and downright funny in here fanfics. One time i reading Null and Void at 3am. I can’t help but laugh out loud. My younger sister woke up from her sleep and stare at me dangerously.
    I also like Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.
    I totally agree with her idea on #7. Why did have to Kill Kol in the first place? Caroline + Rebekkah are opposites but i like their close friendship if possible.
    will check out but_seriously & master to my igor later.

    • I’m glad the you like the interview, this is a great way of knowing a little bit more about the authors, of those great pieces that we all love.
      And yes Kol’s dead is going to be forever a sore spot in the fandom we love our crazy youngest Mikaelson .

  2. As I’m a fanfiction eater I love this section.I’ve always wanted to know more about the writers.
    Liar.Faker is one of loved-ones,I love her humor in her stories and I’m so excited about the sequel of Paradice for the lost. I don’t care how much I have to wait for an update for the Come Freely, Go Safely as long that the story won’t be abandoned, It’s simply amazing.

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