TVD Recap 5×06: The Villain 101 Show

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If the word for season one was vampire, season two was curse, season three was original and season four was cure, it appears that season five’s go to word is doppelgangers! But besides all the millions of Nina’s and Paul’s running around, one of the highlights of the episode was that the writers finally honed into what fanfiction writers have been using for ages, the amazing team of Caroline and Katherine!


But first the boring stuff aka the triangle

So the episode began with Damon and Elena cozying up on the couch, dreaming of a peaceful life while everyone around LOL-ed because come on, they live in Mystic Falls, but don’t worry we didn’t have to watch them for too long, like an episode of Big Brother, before the ultimate cockblocker, Silas arrived, dazzling them with his magic tricks.


Silas was by far, the best in this episode, and for the first time since the return of the Ripper, Paul Wesley really had a chance to truly stretch his acting abilities (R.I.P PCA nomination 2014). Everybody loves a character that can keep Damon on his toes, and Silas does that and more, with a few snarky lines and distasteful jokes along the way.


So Silas rounds up the boys (not before shooting Elena with a crossbow in the leg, you go Silas!) and they road trip to New Jersey to try and find the anchor that Qetsiyah was hiding from him, in the hope that he can destroy it and the Other Side and thus to die to be with his true love, Amara. Jeremy warmed the backseat (shout out to Denver days) as Silas promised to bring back Bonnie if they helped him find and destroy the anchor. Damon was with because apparently he calls the shots.


But Qetsiyah is no green girl with no contingency plans, she thought the whole thing through and instead of the anchor being a dusty old scroll or vase or something, she thought outside of the box (she would have made a good businesswomen circa 21st century) and made the anchor Amara, who she didn’t actually kill because she knew that it was the one thing that Silas could not kill. But like her doppelgangers in later years, Amara isn’t for living by other people’s rules and when she found the cure ran through Silas’ blood, she ambushed the lovesick idiot and drank his blood so that she could die. But Team Leader Damon luckily intercepted her and hauled her into his trunk, so he could prevent her being killed and the Other Side destroyed before Bonnie is brought back, because we all know how well Damon’s protection has worked in the past.


While all this happened, Amnesiac Stefan and Qetsiyah/Tessa were hauled up in her snug little cabin, where the previous night they had little two-man party which included body shots…make of that what you will…and Amnesiac Stefan woke up to her staring at him, like the creep that she is. Qet/Tes was all juiced up because the day was marked as Kill My Ex day, because Silas was finally cured and she wanted to murder the bitch so he can go to the Other Side instead of being reunited with Amara. But Silas, like Qet/Tes, made sure to cover his bases and did a la tomb spell on Qet/Tes’ cabin and made sure that no one could leave it, so she had to scrap Kill Ex Day. Lol, like that scorned woman could give up. Qet/Tes made good use of Stefan’s phone, while he was washing the tequila (and Qet/Tes’ spit probably) off his skin and lured Elena to the cabin on the pretense that she and Stefan and done the naked horizontal tango. Elena, of course, fell for it and rushed to the cabin because she couldn’t believe that Stefan would dare fraternize with a female that was not her.


Once there, Qet/Tes laughed at Elena’s teenage jealousy before phoning Damon and telling him that if he doesn’t kill Silas, she will kill Elena, which was enough proof for Damon to give up plan ‘Bring Back Bonnie’ and Jeremy was all sad face, while Ghost!Bonnie in her badly chosen outfit told him to chill because basically she doesn’t see herself as important as Elena. Side note: Bonnie and Damon really need some lessons in priorities, with Bonnie getting extra classes in self-preservation.


Amnesiac Stefan ultimately saved the day, distracting Qet/Tes with his splendid cooking skills (yo Silas, who needs magic when you can cook) before stabbing her and letting Elena run for her life. Stelena had a touching moment at the end where she thanks him for just being his amazeball self even without his memories guiding him. You let a good one go, Elena!


I think Amnesiac Stefan was onto how sucky his life really was, but he really didn’t do a good thing by pissing off the one woman who had a doctorate in getting back men who betray her, and lo and behold Qet/Tes was waiting his room (add to her creepy list the fact that she knew which one was his room) and decided yo, let’s give the bastard back his painful memories. She really knows how to make an impression.


Katherine, one plastic bag away from becoming an old hag 

I think it might just be my worst memory to wake up old. I can only imagine how much worst it will be if you lived for over 500 years as a young hot thing. The first thing that tips Katherine off, was the thick grey streak she spots in her hair at the beginning of the episode, but with a little help from the shower water at Whitmore Campus and Garnier Nutrisse, she remedied that mistake.

Also Katherine eats enough to feed a small army. Her entire table at the diner was covered with food, and at the Whitmore event later in the episode, she was shoving food in every available whole. Girl, your hobo is showing. But while she was stuffing food down her throat, her tooth fell out, which alerted to the fact that everything ain’t that cool in her body. So she called upon Sexy Professor Maxfield to use his genius brain and study on vampires to help her.


Team Villain 101 owns the show

The amount of scenes that they had, compared to the Silas/Qetsiyah team was minimal but the Augustine Secret Society storyline along with the resident detectives Inspector Caroline and Inspector Katherine intrigued me more than the doppelabonanza going on in Mystic Falls/New Jersey/Random location of Tessa’s cabin.


Katherine, even smart when she’s desperate, was homeless and grey and hatched the brilliant plan to pretend to be Elena at Whitmore, because that equals free warm water, food and clothes. Girl has been on the running for evs, she knows where the resources are at. But Caroline, not one to be fooled, was onto Katherine’s game rather quickly (the beating heart and breathing might have given her way) and was not too keen to see the one who murdered her using her shampoo.

But Katherine used her powers of persuasion to convince Caroline that she needed her help to sort out Sexy Professor Maxfield and make sure that she and Elena (who is never at college anyway) can stay in school. I really loved this about Caroline that she was able to see someone who was more experienced than her and allowed them to guide her and trusted them to take the lead. And then there was Katherine, who respected her and saw her as a worthy partner, they two of them just worked well together.

Together they managed to knock out Sexy Professor Maxfield, drain the vervain out of his blood and compel some answers out of him like about the soiree the Secret Society were having that very same evening, and to prove that Elena wasn’t a vampire, Katherine posed as her and walked across the threshold, all human-like and cast the scent off the roommates. In a private interview with Caroline, Sexy Professor Maxfield also revealed that the Augustine Secret Society also had a resident vampire that he studies and who killed the girls’ roommate, who the vampire is and why he killed her still remains a mystery.

But the Caroline/Katherine scenes truly made us scream for more! There had to be more, Caroline had to have told Katherine about the Augustine Secret Society because when Katherine visited Sexy Professor Maxfield to discuss her aging problem she already knew all the details about the society. Caroline and Katherine work well together because they are both dynamic and vibrant characters, vastly different but also very much alike. Their taste in men also seems to be similar, both girls took a fancy to Matt’s blue blue eyes, both dated a Lockwood, both at some point liked both Stefan and Damon, and both had an Original brother fall in love with them, that’s symmetry if I ever saw it.

It was fun seeing Caroline indulge in a bit of her darker side, learning from Katherine, doing things like draining, compelling, vampire survival tricks. Hopefully this side of Caroline can be explored more thoroughly this season, especially since she is spearheading Team Whitmore Secret Society and perhaps this means she will be a lot more experienced and less judgmental when she eventually makes the move to New Orleans.

What did you think about the episode? Why is Amara such a meanie? Who is the Augustine Vampire? How awesome was Caroline and Katherine? Let us know in the comments below!

Recap written by Caryn. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter.


3 responses to “TVD Recap 5×06: The Villain 101 Show

  1. Amazing recap! TEAM MIKAELSON QUEENS FOR LIFE. They made this episode one of the best ever, they are great together. I really hope this wasn’t the end of it for them, would love for them to become, why not, friends. 🙂

  2. Silas is a joke lol
    I only enjoyed the scenes between Katherine and Caroline, Katherine shows us a Caroline’s dark side Candice has a wondeful chimestry with everyone and everything .
    the rest of the episodes was annoying , Silas jokes OMG Kol was affraid O_o

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