Review: Time and Time Again by lostinmysticfalls

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Summary: When Caroline makes an innocent wish into a magical well, she never imagines the consequences that will follow.  Now she’s stuck in a never-ending time loop and forced to relive events she thought were in the past.

Rating:  M

Status: In Progress



Time & Time Again by lostinmysticfalls is a story set in the canon universe up until the events of 4×09 with the exception that Klaus did not kill Carol and Professor Shane does not exist.  The author states in their introduction that they actually started writing it before 4×09 aired so it does veer from canon but there is only one thing that stuck out to me in regards to this. Granted that this one detail is quite a big one since it’s Hayley’s involvement in the hybrid massacre, however considering that there is no Shane, this fits.  The story is narrated through Caroline’s point of view and the readers follow along with her during her journey during the first section while also showcasing her time with Klaus later.

The first scene opens to the aftermath of the hybrid massacre with Caroline caught between Tyler and Hayley and the rest of the Mystic Falls gang.  While Tyler and Hayley want vengeance for their friends’ deaths, the others are determined to not let Klaus leave town for fear that the possibility of finding the cure would disappear with him.  So naturally, they send their ace in the hole, Caroline to convince him to stay.  At first Caroline refuse and can’t believe that they are even asking her, believing it to be a suicide mission but as always, she agrees to do what her friends ask of her.  However for once Klaus does not fall for her coercion and they have to find a different way.  While helping Bonnie to do a locator spell, Caroline makes an innocent wish that leads her on a journey through time, visiting key ‘Klaroline’ moments until finally arriving back to the exact moment she left. She finds that while her journey didn’t change the past, and simultaneously the present and future, but it did change her and her feelings towards Klaus, leaving her to now convince him of her epiphany while the two of them search for the cure themselves.  Caroline uses this time to get closer to the hybrid she’s come to care for.  In essence the story almost feels like two in one, the first being Caroline trip through the past followed by the story occurring in ‘real’ time of what Caroline does after she’s come back, with a valuable lesson though as you read on, you realize that the two are connected.

As I said above, the story is told from Caroline’s perspective so you definitely get the feel of Caroline’s thoughts for her actions throughout the story.  I love that the author went off what we saw in 4×09 in regards to Caroline’s opinion of Klaus as evil incarnate wavering to the point that Caroline is the one to have warned Klaus about what was happening.  The way Caroline deals with the aftermath of her actions is very Caroline-like, as is what she does when she starts her journey through time.  Once she figures out that she won’t actually change anything in the future she does what she had wished she had done at that time, sometimes with a bit of naughty results, *winks*.  Then once she returns back to her time, Caroline is very much her take charge self, going to Klaus and being upfront with him about where she has been.  And when he of course doesn’t believe her both about where she’s been or her feelings, she does everything she can to convince him otherwise.

 Though we aren’t privy to Klaus’ thoughts in the story, we do get a good picture of him from Caroline’s observations.  The author details them well so that it is almost as if we have his point of view.  He is very much the Klaus of Season 4, not as dark and cold especially towards Caroline but also not all trusting as well.  He knows that Caroline has lied and deceived him to get what she wants so when she suddenly comes to his door, confessing that she now cares about him, he is a bit hesitant which I find makes him very in character.

The other characters of the show do make appearances in the story yet are very secondary to Klaus and Caroline, only appearing in a few of the parts and they are very anti-Klaus.  There is no gray feelings of consciousness in their battle against Klaus, he is the bad guy to them and they can do whatever they want to get what they want.  In fact, I would say because of that they seem very one dimensional to me which besides a few grammar and word usage mistakes is the only blemish in this story.

The chemistry in the Klaroline interactions are great, they are a combination of flirty banter, sexually tense moments as well as working as partners to figure things out like their fans enjoyed seeing a few times in the show.  The smut scenes that are scattered throughout the story are written well, not super long or descriptive but still plenty of detail that it definitely earns it’s ‘M’ rating.  Also all descriptions of body parts are realistic and don’t sound as if they are coming out of a romance novel.

This story is a work in progress and had not been updated for awhile but I am looking forward greatly to the day that it is.  The last few parts started on a new tangent to the story and to the Klaroline relationship and that I’m anxious to see what comes of it, especially with the bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the last part.  I would definitely recommend fans to take a chance and read this story, not only do you get to revisit some great past Klaroline moments and see them playing out a little differently but it also gives you an interesting twist on the search for the cure.

Have you read Time and Time Again? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

Review by Miranda. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter.

Cover made by Tessa. Find her on Tumblr.



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