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Alyssa has been giving us immense Klaroline feels in the form of her popular fanfics such as; Love Interruption, Heart-Shaped Glasses and Tangled Up In Blue, along with many other one-shots. As one of the most popular and loved author of the fandom, we just had to have an interview with her!

 1. What made you start writing Klaroline fanfiction? What brought about that urge to write Klaroline?

I was definitely inspired to write Klarolinefanfiction after 3×11 aired. Unfortunately, I had just started the final term of my undergrad and I was super busy, so I had to hold off the urge until February, when I had my reading week. I should have been doing research for my huge seminar paper but instead, I spent a lot of that week just writing my first Klaroline fanfiction. I have no regrets.

2. Have you been writing fanfiction for a long time, or is this the first fandom you’ve written in?

I started reading and writing fanfiction when I was probably eleven or twelve thanks to being an unsupervised only child with a dial up internet connection. At first, I had no idea what it was. I remember wondering initially if fanfiction was actually non-fiction. I feel like an idiot for admitting that. I’m not saying I wasn’t naive. I actually wrote a lot of fanfiction with my friends. A lot of it was just funny stuff centering around the musicians/bands we liked at the time. Most of it was written out on paper, but I did post some stuff on when it was still around. The serious stuff I wrote I kept to myself. I was too afraid to post!

The next fandom I wrote for was the Nolan-verse Batman fandom. I wrote three connected fan fictions centered around the Joker and an OC and I was working on the fourth part, but I deleted them all due to lack of inspiration and direction with the fourth part and my dissatisfaction with the earlier parts I wrote. I was just moving away from the fandom and the authors/fans that had given me support drifted away, so I lost my enthusiasm. I got a good response though for those fan fictions. I still get readers messaging me from time to time asking me to repost them even with the fourth part incomplete.

That moved me into writing fanfiction for The Vampire Diaries. I started with smutty one-shots because I was mentally drained from writing the long fan fictions I took on previously in the Batman fandom. It was a refreshing change of pace. Then, because of how much I enjoy Klaroline, I wanted to write something more substantial.

3. Favorite ‘The Vampire Diaries’ episode and why?

  My favorite The Vampire Diaries episode ever? That’s a huge question. I don’t think I have a specific episode that’s my ultimate favorite. I loved the early episode with Damon and Vicki. I loved the season one finale. I remember how long that summer was waiting for the new season to start.  I enjoy the early flashback episodes. I loved the masquerade episode in season two and the episode that proceeded it (when we met Elijah for the first time). The flashback episodes detailing Katherine’s past and Klaus’s are standouts. I loved the 1920s flashback in season three. Seeing Klaus’s interact with his family was a highlight.

 As for my favorite Klaroline episodes specifically, 3×11, 3×14, 4×13, 4×17, and 4×23 are probably my top five episodes.

4. You receive a call from the CW, to be a part of the writing staff in The Vampire Diaries or The Originals. You can only write for one, which show do you pick and why? What do you fix/get rid of, and how would you go about keeping the Klaroline flame alive?

I think I’d opt to work on The Originals. I think there’s more potential there than on The Vampire Diaries, and not just for Klaroline. If it was in my control, I’d probably go back in time and take the show right back to the drawing board and make the main premises for Klaus being in New Orleans in the first place more believable – or maybe I would set the show somewhere completely different. I’d eliminate the pregnancy – either by having it not exist in the first place or have something tragic surround it. I’d make Hayley a ‘villain’ within the wolf pack that seems to be vying for power. I’d make Camille less cliché. I would bring Tyler Lockwood into the mix. Elijah would sound less like Rick Perry. There would be more of a focus on him, a focus on his relationship with Klaus, and the dynamic and tension between them. Marcel and Klaus would eventually team up. Bonnie would come to New Orleans and completely ‘bewitch’ Marcel, (pun intended). The women in the show would have true agency.

In terms of keeping the Klaroline flame alive, Klaroline wouldn’t be my initial priority at first. As much as I hate not having them interact, I think Klaus and Caroline do need time apart. I want to see Caroline become more of a vampire. Eventually and maybe gradually, Caroline would make her way over to The Originals. In my mind, Caroline’s reasons for turning up on The Originals would be entirely incidental to her relationship with Klaus, but this would be how they would reconnect.

5. Your favorite Klaroline video?

I don’t really have a favorite. xXWhisperofDreamsXx does some good ones on YouTube. I like all the sexy videos. I really need to compile a list of favorites as I watch them so I don’t forget.

This one has recently come to my attention. It gives me huge feels.

6. Your one shot “Give me Love” was the first step to writing “Love Interruption”, was writing the sequel to the one-shot always a plan you had in mind or did something trigger it?

I never planned to write a sequel to Give Me Love. It was intended as a one-shot. I was busy with school at the time so I didn’t want to take on writing something too demanding. By the end of season three my love of Klaroline grew, and I had an interest in writing something longer. I had gotten a lot of requests to turn Give Me Love into a multi-chapter fanfiction, so I decided to use it as my jumping off point for Love Interruption, which I started once I graduated.

7. What are your favorite Klaroline fanfictions, drabbles etc?

I always say I’m going to make a list but I never do. I love Klaroline smut drabbles. I’m not sorry. Since I don’t have a list of my favourites, I’m currently reading The Only Hope for Me is Youby my beta, livingdeadblondegirl. I’m also reading Once in a Blue Moon and Don’t Remember Me. I’m reading a few more but they’ve slipped my mind as of right now.

8. For some random stuff now; what was the the last movie you saw?

I haven’t watched any movies since I started school in September. That’s sad. The last movie I saw in theatres was The Butler. Movies I’m going to try and see are 12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

9. Another random one, what is your dream job?

My dream job would probably be to blog on tumblr all day. That, or write Klaroline fanfiction.

10. Lastly, if you could pick to have one AU/AH situation be canon for Klaroline, which one would you pick, and why?

Does it have to be both AU/AH? Or just one or the other? I’d like to see Caroline go a little dark. I think it would be interesting. I think she needs to embrace her vampire side a bit more. I know it’s impossible, but it would be interesting to see Caroline be more powerful than Klaus.

Check out Alyssa’s fanfiction here

Interview conducted by Valeria. Find her on Tumblr.


6 responses to “Author Interview: idiot-wind89

  1. I love this author. Love interruptions is my fav fic. It was nice to see where she is coming from and to gain a little insight. I think the next interview should be TwistedType, she is writing Sympathy for the Devil and I’ve been on her tumblr. She sounds hilarious!

  2. I really appreciate your opinion on how you would do Klaroline on The Originals. I feel this is what Julie Plec is doing. We’ve already seen Caroline start to embrace being a vampire, and Klaus is being forced to love and care in the The Originals. I feel optimistic, highly actually. Thank you for your interview.

  3. Great interview! I loved reading what she would do on the originals, it sounds like it’d be a hell of a lot more compelling than what JP and co are currently doing. I’d love it if you could interview cbk1000 or sinnerlikemoi next? They’re awesome and my favorite klaroline bloggers.

  4. I am loving these interviews, guys. It’s always nice to see where fellow writers are coming from, what drives and feeds their muse, what kick-started it in the first place. I hope there are lots more to come.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to share your Klaroline thoughts with us. Unfortunately I haven’t read your fanfic yet, but now it’s a MUST. I have a feeling your Klaroline works takes us Klaroline fans on a meaningful passionate journey. Looking forward to beginning tonight 🙂

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