News: Confirmation that Caroline will be mentioned in The Originals

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“The fact that Tyler broke up with the object of Klaus’ affection, Caroline, will likely come up during their confrontation. “You would figure that Klaus is going to take a jab or two,” Trevino previews. “He’s going to be a smartass and… ruffle Tyler’s feathers, so to speak.” – TVLine

Ever since the news of Tyler’s crossover to The Originals broke, we have been waiting with bated breath for any news that Caroline might be mentioned. This might seem like a strenuous exercise, because a mention does not mean anything will necessarily happen between Klaus and Caroline you know?!

Oh dear reader but it does, the mention is all the confirmation we need that Klaroline is not over, you see, they cannot randomly introduce this supposed character that the protagonist of the show is in love with and never mention it again, for new viewers this would be highly confusing. They need to introduce the character of Caroline, why she is a sore spot for Klaus and Tyler, and then they have to maintain this in order for there to be continuity. If Klaus never mentioned Caroline I would’ve been worried that nothing would ever happen, but this mention is just the beginning in which I hope could be amazing foreshadowing and writing by The Originals staff, much in the same way that they introduced Irene in Elementary as a sort of phantom that Sherlock was in love with, before she was physically in the show.

This article was the confirmation that we have been waiting for that Caroline would indeed be mentioned and the Klaroline Amnesia can officially be over, let’s all have a celebratory drink and get into our prayer circle tomorrow night to make sure that we have some positive progression in TO finally.

Read more at TVLine

Article written by Caryn. Find her at Tumblr


11 responses to “News: Confirmation that Caroline will be mentioned in The Originals

  1. Yaayyy, I’m excited to see what he’ll say. How does Klaus even know about the break up in the first place? Lol

  2. I just finished watching 4×21 Klaroline fan reaction on YouTube. Every time Klaus (Silas) spoke a sentence, I felt as if I could fall to the floor. “Hello, Caroline.” “I never had any intention of moving on.” “Come to New Orleans.” And the way he looked at her when she pushed past him because she wanted to say yes, but knew she had to say no. Klaroline, you beauty. I thought was already reeled, but it keeps reeling me in, even in a drought. Yep, Klaroline rules.

    • Well said DR! Klaroline is EPIC & that reality can never be changed. The way Joseph Morgan delivered the pain in Niklaus’s heart @Tyler’s mention of his future queen Caroline spoke volumes. Foreshadowing Klaroline is NOT over by a long shot. BRING IT!

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