Readers Opinion: Why Caroline is afraid to fall for Klaus

Readers Opinion

“You… I’m afraid of you.”

Finally I thought, a hint into Caroline’s private struggle towards Klaus’s affection. But in pure Julie Plec fashion the writers continued to toy with this particular fandom and the conversation was never actually between our favorite blond and hybrid. I don’t understand why Plec’s team has decided not to tackle the chemistry between these two. How have they not fallen in love with them after viewers became so fondly attached to Klaroline?

Personally I enjoy them much more than Stefan/Elena/Damon. Klaroline is (I refuse to refer to them in the past tense) mature, tempting, seductive and unexpectedly beautiful. When Klaus’s affinity for her became apparent, it was a pleasant surprise and an epic love story budded to life. Since Joseph Morgan’s new show, the lack of interaction between Klaus and Caroline has been a melancholic period.

Caroline is feisty, witty, loyal, smart and gorgeous. There’s just something about this young humane vampire that Klaus cannot resist. He challenged his own impulsive nature and his persistent desire for revenge just so he wouldn’t make a bad situation worst with Caroline. Now how can you not ship that?

Sometimes I think Plec revels in our agony and purposely tests Klaroline fans. She’s unbelievably maddening but totally brilliant and addicting. So, I took it upon myself for all Klaroliners to mull over the events that have transpired throughout the seasons. I reached a milestone of maturity with this passion and obsession and finally understand why Caroline would be afraid to fall in love with Klaus. Here are the main factors encumbering our beloveds:

1. The Sacrifice

Katherine suffocated Caroline to death for Klaus’s fixation to break his curse. She was waiting for death before Damon rescued her but her human life, the one with children and growing old with friends and family, was robbed from her just so Klaus could be all that he could be.  As if that’s not enough, Elena and Tyler were to be included in that sacrifice and Jenna was killed to replace Caroline. That’s a lot of resentment and guilt for Caroline to sort through.

2. The Hybrid Obsession

Tyler was forced to turn into a hybrid minion for Klaus’s control issues and his wickedly dangerous lifestyle. He ordered Tyler to bite Caroline knowing it would kill her just so he could test a sire bond and to show Stefan who is boss. This put Caroline’s life at risk on her eighteenth birthday and her relationship with Tyler hit a standstill.

3. Trust Issues

Klaus ran off with Stefan, forcing him to desert humanity and kept him away from his brother, girlfriend and friends. Klaus enjoyed watching Stefan lose control and slaughter people. He also wanted to drain Elena’s blood to create more hybrids. Caroline is probably left with a nagging feeling that if her best friend had not become a vampire, he would still want to kidnap or kill Elena. She doesn’t truly trust Klaus to do the right thing.

4. Risky Business

Try explaining it to Mystic Falls’ Scooby-Doo gang that you may be in love with a terrorizing hybrid. She risks losing the people she loves for taking a chance with someone who may have the capacity to hurt or even kill her. Too much is on the line for Caroline. For example, he’s known to dagger his siblings when they disobey or interfere. She’s strong willed herself and he may just have an urge to dagger her one day except she would die in the process. She’s not a mighty Original like his family. There’s a lot to be afraid of with that lingering possibility.

5. What if She’s Not Enough

With someone like Klaus, something always comes up. Like any woman Caroline doesn’t want to be pushed aside or forgotten about if another goose chase or vendetta arises. Ultimately Caroline knows that if she falls for him, she’ll never recover. He has to prove to her that she is enough for him.

6. Her Humanity

Caroline doesn’t want to lose herself in the mess that is Klaus. Her humanity is precious to her.

7. She’s Loyal

For a modern woman Caroline is a breath of fresh air. She’s too smart to be seduced and will not cheat, especially not with a man who intended to make a slave out of her boyfriend and then killed his mother. You can only respect her for not jumping into bed with him. She’s a lot more special than that Hayley will ever be.

So Caroline’s confusion is a valid and rational fear. I continue to commend and admire Ms. Forbes. Frankly she remains my favorite female TV character and I reckon she is undervalued by the writers. Yet, that being said, I truly believe Klaus doesn’t want to risk who she is either. He loves her the way she is and has no intent of letting her lose herself. I long to see them together sooner rather than later.

Article written by Anna R.D. Find her on Twitter

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6 responses to “Readers Opinion: Why Caroline is afraid to fall for Klaus

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  2. 5. What if She’s Not Enough

    “With someone like Klaus, something always comes up. Like any woman Caroline doesn’t want to be pushed aside or forgotten about if another goose chase or vendetta arises. Ultimately Caroline knows that if she falls for him, she’ll never recover. He has to prove to her that she is enough for him.”

    Brilliantly put! I agree with that point completely.

    I think Caroline knows she’s in love with Niklaus deep down, but is in denial. However I do think that would change if she thinks he moved on 2 another woman. I believe she would embrace her feelings & claim her black knight lol.

  3. I really liked this. I think you have good points down on why Caroline is afraid to fall for Klaus. When she talked to Klaus (Silas) she admitted her feelings and also her fear. She would be putting a lot on the line for him and it could turn out to be nothing. And I do agree that Klaus wouldn’t try to change who Caroline is because the way she is is the one he fell in love with.

  4. Thanks madamehummingbird & Larissa. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. Care is a main character & I suppose I hold resentment towards the writers for not exploring her inner turmoil. I respect the fact that she takes her time…she’s young but wise & Klaus enjoys that ; )

    • I really did. I wish the writers could do more with her and show more about what she’s feeling. I’m glad that she isn’t jumping into it, but…

      I think that Klaus should change things about himself but not become a different person. And Caroline would have a hard time especially if she thinks he’s in it more because he can’t have her…but he never forced her in ways that he’s done others.

  5. I agree with all those reasons, especially #5. I have been contemplating that Caroline knows if she falls for Klaus, she can’t fall out. She can’t shake him already; a greater level of emotions would be too much to bury. Klaus needs to show her that that life would him would not be painful – that he would change to assure her. Klaus needs to lay it all down on the line or do something similar; do whatever it takes Klaus.

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