Video of the Week: Don’t Deserve You by SilverxBeautyVideos

Sometimes, when I find myself on the Internet—which is much more frequently than I would like to admit, ahem—scrolling through the hundreds of blogs, reading an healthy amount of fanfictions, and watching way too many videos for my own sake, I wonder if all I am is biased. Towards Klaus and Caroline, I mean. If I find every single, little thing that concerns them so utterly perfect not because it is indeed perfect, but because it’s them. For a tiny part, it has to be that way, there is no other explanation. Because life–life is nothing but a game of perspective, and so is this video.

Now, let’s be honest with ourselves. You open a Klaus/Caroline video and read the title: I don’t deserve you. What does your mind think? Duh. Klaus has done horrible, horrible things, so many of them, so unforgivable (misunderstood, yes—maybe—but that’s beside the point now), so vile. He’s not a good person at all, no matter from which little, happy corner we have chosen for ourselves we sit to observe him. Klaus does bad things. Granted, that doesn’t necessarily have to make him a bad person, but he does bad things. From a completely objective point of view, would you say he deserve Caroline? No. If we didn’t love him so much, we wouldn’t want him a inch from our favorite blonde vampire, now, would we? And yet, that’s what catches you off guard about this video—this wonderfully done, this beautiful video—it’s about Caroline not deserving Klaus.

Yes, alright. I’m giving you a moment to gasp all together, let’s. It left me speechless as well, which is not easy (I’m sure you can tell I’m a ranter, already, ahem).

This video, which is really impossible not to love even only for the softness and purity and utmost gorgeousness of the coloring used, levels up the playing ground.

Forget all that Klaus has done wrong. Just give it a kick, there, move it under the carpet. It’s fine, leave it, we’ll take it back another time. Maybe. If we feel like it.

Well, then. If you stop for a moment and only look at how Klaus has acted towards Caroline, it does become a little less obvious who doesn’t deserve who, now, does it? He has done nothing but showered with gifts and compliments, he has helped her and saved her life more times than we can count while she was spending a lot of her time scheming behind his back to end him, he has made her promises to show her a world outside of the little, old, boring (well, maybe not so boring, because—vampires, anyone?) Mystic Falls, and has treated her with utter respect every time. He has made mistakes, yes, and he did her wrong as well, but who doesn’t? It’s not up to being a vampire, or a werewolf. Humans make mistakes every second of their lives, every day. But in all the mayhem that Caroline Forbes’ life is, with every traumatic thing that has happened to her throughout her amazing journey, who’s the only who has never looked at her any less because of the wrong choices she had made? Yes, you’ve got it—Klaus.

So, that’s the lesson we have to learn from this video today. Worthiness is something much more complex than what it seems to be, and you don’t just deserve it because you’ve known somebody your whole life or because you live on a moral high ground. You deserve something–someone, only if you make an actual, genuine effort, if you try. And that’s all Klaus has been doing all along with Caroline: trying. So all we can do is hope that Caroline will realize too that it’s okay to not be okay all the time, and that she can let herself be selfish for once, because she deserves someone who is willing to put her first like Klaus is.



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