News: Klaus returning to Mystic Falls

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According to an exclusive report by, Klaus will be returning to Mystic Falls for an upcoming episode. This is one crossover we were not expecting even with the rumors that former cast members were returning for the 100th episode, the main character of The Originals seemed like a long shot.

Why is Klaus coming back to Mystic Falls? Didn’t he tie up all his loose ends? He cannot be helping with any huge plot as he will only be there for one episode and he has his own things going on in NOLA. Is he there for Caroline? While we would hope so, Candice Accola’s recent interview with Zap2It has made it seem as if Klaroline will not be on the horizon anytime soon. What could they possibly say in a crossover scene which they could not have said over the phone? Did 4×23 not suffice? Also she is blaming Klaus for Tyler breaking up with her, so does that mean, this is her chance to get angry with him (yet again)?


The possibilities are endless, we do not know, we can only speculate. While we want to have hope, we want to believe that we will heartfelt moment between Klaus and Caroline, recent interviews have just made our positivity fade a little. We, as the fandom just to stay strong and pray that this will not be their attempt to kill Klaroline, and perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps we will be rewarded with a sweet moment, but history has made it so difficult for me to trust that things would go well for us.


Why do you think Klaus is returning? Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing? Let us know in the comments below.

Article written by Caryn. Find her on Tumblr


23 responses to “News: Klaus returning to Mystic Falls

  1. I was so excited when I saw that Klaus was returning to MF, immediately thinking of all the possibilities. And then of course, I saw Candice’s interview which got me thinking and made me depressed. I am really really hoping they won’t sink our ship, opening both Klaus and Caroline to new relationship. If that is the case, I’d rather Klaus didn’t come back. And about Caroline blaming Klaus for Tyler leaving her – really? Again? Really? The hot and cold is giving me a migraine and I want to shake some sense into the writers. I am trying to have some hope here but I’m not very optimistic today. Maybe tomorrow, I don’t know.

  2. I’m really excited! There’s got to be some interaction and any interaction is good! Personally, I think it would make sense if they kissed or something but my standards are pretty low at this point. (Candice did say Caroline wanted to either kill or kiss him, right?

    • I agree; you can’t kill Klaroline in a Klaroline interaction; their chemistry overcomes any arguments they could possibly have. They could argue and my heart would soar.

    • I honestly hope they don’t kiss yet or for a while. I love the fact that they are taking their time with. Plus it’s not believable for Caroline to do that. As much as we hate to admit it she still loves tyler and they did just break up so give her a little damn time to grieve:) and then of course get over it. I want them to advance slowly but truthfully. Become better friends, very close friends, etc etc.

  3. I just read on TO site that the speculations are that someone will get kidnapped from Mystic Falls and some say Klaus might kidnap Caroline to get to Tyler. I just hope that doesn’t come true, cause that would be gut-wrenching and heartbreaking and possibly unforgiving to Caroline. And if JP makes us watch that we have a duty to hunt her down.
    I really hope something like this won’t happen. It’s so not in character for Klaus when it comes to Caroline. Anyone else, yes, but not her.

    • Let Marcel kidnap Caroline. PLEASE! I want to see Klaus’ s mask not just break, but shatter. Hehe! I want her in New Orleans; I want her to set her claim on that show.

      • Yes! Yes! Let Marcel kidnap Caroline. I would love to see Klaus reaction. Maybe he will go to the next level of insanity.

  4. First of all I am excited to see Klaus back in MF, We’ve missed him so much in there. Second, I agree little or more an interaction is still an interaction. We will never know unless we see it ourselves.
    We Klaroliners had already experienced a lot of ups & downs in regards with this ship. We were heartbroken, hopes are trampled, cried liters of tears & belittled & called delusional. So nothing can break us, stop us or hinder us anymore. We are stronger now.
    That being said if the writers would make Caroline hate Klaus again because of Tyler, go ahead. If they would give a little interaction, go ahead. We will be upset at first but since our Klaroline blood , soul & heart are a fighter we will make it through.
    Rainbows after the rain as they say.
    We were so happy by the small mention so a little interaction will not hurt, we will gonna have a party!
    Dont lose Hope, Klaroline Is EndGame.

    • YES! I totally agree! My shipper heart can be bruised, but not broken. We Klaroliners need to be grateful for all those ups and downs, all those times of ecstasy one moment and pain the next. Those moments toughened our skin in a safe environment (when Klaus and Caroline were in the same show); now, that they are in separate shows and exploring over relationships, our skin has been toughened so that even though this may wound us, we survive. And yes, I will join you in whatever Klaroline party you throw.

  5. With the way the writers made their story ,one step forward ten steps back, and all those conflicting interviews from all of them I don’t know what to think and what to expect any more.I haven’t read many interviews but from those I read over those couple years I got the impression that Candice did’t want klaroline untill the past months when she spoke about klaroline with some kind of warmer feelings and about being excited for a crossover.Then her interview tonight came and…well i’m confused. With Morgan , he always was a klaroline fan but now I think he wants that relationship to end and Klaus to move on.And I can understand it to a point, as an actor he wants his character to have a softer side and with Caroline on another show and his turbulent relationship with his siblings there’s no one there to show this side.And there’s J.Plec that said that in the 100 episode there will be viewers that will get what they were expecting and there will be some make out scene maybe in the form of a a flashback and things like that.Of course that doesn’t mean that she was speaking about K/C but maybe Klaus coming back to MF is in the form of a flashback from the graduation episode ,a scene between K/C.
    Anyway I prefer that than Klaus coming back ,because if he’s really coming I don’t see a good end for our ship.

    • If the makeout scene was Klaroline, which I doubt, but I still like to ponder, then, it can’t be at the graduation. He gave her Tyler back and Caroline kissing Klaus then would be disloyal to her boyfriend, disloyalty is uncharacteristic of Caroline. Maybe, a prom flashback. We never saw Klaus walk away from Tyler’s house after letting Tyler escape; I always pondered if he went inside.

  6. I say, no matter how bad the writers fuck it up, and I have absolute faith that they will, ” Egh, that’s what fanfiction is for”

    • Trust me; they can’t ruin Klaroline. After all the things he’s done and she’s done, if Klaroline has survived this far, this ship has reached the point of no return. We can’t die anymore.

  7. I do hope something good comes from all of this. It would be very nice if it did. I’m not going to put all my hopes on it, but who knows.

  8. not to kill anybody’s hope….but I read somewhere that there will be lot of katherine in this episode…so what if klaus appears in the flashback episodes….:(

    • I’ve read on tumblr today that K is supposedly returning for the 100th episode. And Caroline’s birthday takes place in the 100th episode. My heart just went crazy. 🙂 It doesn’t help that Candice said the ep ws climatic. 😉

      • Me: Brain, I need you to focus! I need you to focus! Calm down. Breathing change: panting, laughing, bouncing up and down in my chair, grinning hard, acting like a 16 year old who just got her first car! He’s coming for her birthday (FEELS OVERLOADING). Here come the tears. Spreading the news NOW!

  9. Maybe, just maybe, Klaus will be able to resurect Koll from the dead. Just the thought of Koll helping Klaus take over NOLA.
    2 birds 1 stone.

  10. Many theories out there about what Klaus’s arrives means for Klaroline. The news is twisted with pure excitement as well warranted fear. I have a few theories myself, but my view is starting to change do to the last spin I had heard concerning Katherine. Some Klaroline shippers seem to think, Klaroline will not even share scenes together. For some reason some seem to think Klaus will not be seen in MW’s in the flesh. He will be part of one of Katherine’s nightmares. Now as much a I would DIE to have Niklaus to invade Caroline in a sexy dream, the more I think about it, a Klaroline “reunion” will not happen. I think Julie Plec wants rub out the luster of Klaroline to move forward with her STUPID ASS pairings for klaus & Caroline on both shows. Hey I could be wrong, but I can’t help but feel my spin could be right in some level. Sigh. Dark Klaroline days peeps 😦

    • No! No! No! Having a Jeremy’s dead Elena reaction! (on a milder level of course, but I feel as if it gets the point across) Please TVD! Don’t do this to me. Why? I have hope. The only way my hopes are going to get crashed is if I watch all of 5×11, and there’s no KC interaction. I have to cling to hope. 🙂

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