Opinion: Oh for the love of Klaus!

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Last night’s episode of The Originals was a treat and beyond fantastic to finally have a Caroline mention. (She does exist, kids! She does exist!) My shipper heart soared and I was in a moment of euphoria. Although I was wishing for more to come of Tyler’s presence on the show, it’s definitely a start. The small smirk that Klaus gave Tyler when he told him that Caroline would always hate him spoke a thousand words. Some of those words being…

“Bitch, please.”

 “You haven’t been around much, mate.”

“She saved my life, sucka!” 

and my favorite…

“Where do you think she got that fancy prom dress, hmmm?”

I couldn’t keep the huge grin off my face while I watched the scene unfold. She’s been mentioned and there’s no turning back now. The writers will have to explore this “Caroline” person, in order for their audience to truly understand the dynamic between Klaus and Tyler. The Klaroline moment was wonderful, but, one question has plagued my mind since watching the episode. 

What in the world is up with Klaus?

First off, let me preface by saying that I am a Klaus stan. Maybe not to the extreme that some of you are, but I truly love everything about him. I love his vindictive, asshole side, and I love his sensitive side that he’s only ever shown to a handful of people. I’ve never really used the verbiage “stan” until Joseph Morgan came into my life. He stormed into my world with an evil laugh, a fancy british accent and don’t even get me started on those dimples! He’s basically my husband’s worst nightmare. He’s the best and brings Klaus to a whole new level every week. Whether or not the level he’s been bringing him to on The Originals is a good thing, has yet to be established. 

This may be an unpopular opinion but for me, this week, I all but cringed when he was on screen. Apart from the Tyler moments, which I always love their scenes together, he just felt…off. The episode started out alright but he quickly began to fade into this unrecognizable and undeveloped character.

From the beginning of The Originals I’ve kept an open mind about the characters and the direction that they’re taking them in. I figured that there needs to be a bit of exposition and a condensed version of the Original family in order for the new viewers to grab hold of who these characters are. We’ve had the luxury of watching their development on The Vampire Diaries span over three seasons, but for the new viewers, they don’t know anything about them. So, it made sense to me that they would give them a Cliff’s Notes version to catch them up to speed.

The unfortunate part is that Klaus’ character had shown a substantial amount of growth in season four of TVD. His main storyline of being the Big Bad fell to the background and he became a true anti-hero. He was still loathed and feared, but also became an ally to their Silas problem, and even the victim. Not to mention his scenes with Caroline showed the audience a whole new side to him. We knew he was infatuated with her, but she challenged him to be a better person.

I get that there were moments in season four that made some Klaus stans feel like he was out of character. He was gentler and less scary, and for someone who loves and prefers the villainous Klaus over the puppy dog Klaus, they had a hard time watching it. For me, this was a deeper look into who he truly is. When he was with Caroline, he was genuine. He wasn’t scheming or manipulating, he was just being himself. He was slowly becoming redeemed, making better choices, and pushing his pride aside in order to show Caroline that he was changing. He did all this, but was still able to hold onto the essence of what made him who he was.

He also struggled with the idea that even though he hasn’t done anything to hurt Caroline directly, her outlook on humanity and how to treat those around you, still contradicted how he’d lived his life so far. Hence, why Carol ended up with her lungs full of fountain water, and a few unsired hybrids ended up without their heart or head. To Klaus, this had nothing to do with Caroline, but he quickly found out that being good to her is one thing, but being decent to everyone else is really what’s important to her. But, his lack of decency, didn’t keep Caroline from trying to make him understand.

“Don’t turn your back on me!”

“I should’ve turned my back on you ages ago!”

 Now onto The Originals 

I’m just gonna say it. I hate to say it because I would want nothing more than to be locked in a room with a drunken, sad Klaus so that I can soothe his man pain and also have my way with him, but…in this episode, he creeped me out. From his scene with Rebekah to the scene with Elijah and Hayley in the woods. He just reeked of inconsistency, and felt more like the girl at the party who gets drunk on too many wine coolers and proceeds to hit on everybody, say stupid shit, and eventually ends up crying in the corner with a run in her nylons, mascara streaming down her face and wondering why nobody likes her. And nobody wants to “tap that”, if you know what I mean.

Now, the optimist in me likes to think that the writers are doing this on purpose. That his recession toward his pre-Caroline character is showing us that he is lost and alone without any friends, with only power and greed as the catalyst toward his actions. Sounds familiar, right? I want to believe that this is all setting up the inevitable. That in order for Klaus to begin showing his humanity again and to move on from this self-destructive behavior, he needs a certain blonde to come back into his life.

 As much as we love the moments between Klaus and his siblings, and how they know him well enough to put him in his place or call him out on his insecurities, there’s only one person who he’s listened to. There’s only one person whose perception of him outweighs that of any other. 


“What is wrong with you?I’m reaching out to you despite everything that you have done,and you still can’t get out of your own way.God! I feel sorry for you.”

Well said, my blonde vampire friend, well said.

It’s those moments that started to shed light onto Klaus’ character. Those poignant statements that Caroline said to him that caused him to snap out of his poor me mentality. She is the first person to come into his life and call him out on his shenanigans without any serious repercussions, because her opinion of him has shown to be the only opinion that matters. It has from the beginning. From when he asked her if she really thought that low of him, to drawing her picture and thanking her for her honesty, all the way to the end of season four when he called her to tell her that he wanted nothing more than to show her New Orleans. Her opinion is what counts. Her existence in his life keeps him level headed and rational.

Fangirl extraordinaire and my dear friend Katie (hybridlovelies) agrees. This is what she has to say about this.

“It’s one of those beautiful things…where someone just enters a person’s life and they just seem to make that person listen. For whatever reason, Klaus actually listens to Caroline and respects her in a way he doesn’t with anyone else.”

So to me, before we see Klaus break out into his own rendition of It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To, please for the love of Klaus, continue to make Caroline a part of his story. I’m not saying she has to physically be in front of him, although my Klaroline heart aches to see them on screen together once more, but he does love her and if they ignore this fact then it would be a waste of a beautiful story that has only just begun.

I truly feel like she’s the only one who can set him straight and she has already helped him become more than a bastard hybrid with a thirst for power, and has steered him down the road toward his redemption.


Article by Ashley. Find her on Tumblr.


5 responses to “Opinion: Oh for the love of Klaus!

  1. I agree completely.
    I think Caroline is much needed on the show and I think it’d be a great way if Tyler told Marcel about her and Klaus’ “obsession” with her. Marcel could then kidnap her and Klaus would have to save her. That’d be awesome. 🙂 Even if he send her back to MF it would at least be a start.
    As far as Klaus’ character goes, I always like him, every side of him, but I really want his redemption storyline to go slowly. I don’t want to see so many emotions all the time. Klaus needs to stay Klaus. I watch TO with my boyfriend (he never watched TVD) and after the third ep he asked me why I was always going on what a big bad wolf he can be and on this show he shows so many emotions and a softer side (i.e. teary eyes).
    I’ve also read an article today (from June) where Julie said Klaus and Caroline are like Buffy and Angel (although they didn’t end up together) and while there may be crossover eps Klaus might have his own love interests on TO (although she said she isn’t thinking of Hayley). It made me want to vomit. I just hope she realized the potential she holds in her hands and uses it.

    • Okay, on the other love interests topic, okay Klaus. I can take it. Delena fans took Damon with other women and Elena with Stefan forever. I as a Klaroliner can take bombs being launched at my ship. We are the Flying Duchess. We can’t be sunk.

  2. You have basically worded all my points as to why I’m a converted Forwood and now an avid Klaroline fan.

    I, too, hope that Klaus’ character right now is intentional for future development… but it worries me that we are still at this point after 7 episodes. As a matter of fact, I worry for the other members of the Original family as well. I understand the need for TO to stand on its own, but a lot is being swept under the rug – i.e. Tyler being called out as backstabbing by Hayley… That one had my eyes popping out of its socket.

    I digress, but anyways, I am in 110% agreeance on all the Klaroline stuff. Let’s just hope that Caroline will somehow be injected into Klaus’ life soon enough. Some blonde intervention is greatly needed!

  3. Even though I don’t favor this regression, I understand why the writers have regressed Klaus’s character. Klaus’s journey of redemption is one of the beauties of Klaus. It makes sense that the writers would focus on this tale of redemption. Also, I believe the trials of marriage (YES, I said marriage) strengthen the bonds and prove I love you no matter what. So Klaroline can take the obstacles.

  4. This was very much well said. I liked reading it because I do agree with you. Caroline was able to express her opinions and Klaus listened to her without getting hurt. I think Klaus can’t be redeemed in one episode but I think the progress he made in Vampire Diaries can be achieved again with Caroline.

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