Rapidfire Author Interview with heystrippah



Our fanfiction team came up with a little different type of Interview. A kind of a rapid or quick fire interview you see in chat shows. The point of a rapid fire is to respond with the first thought that comes in your head, a knee jerk response you might say. So us at the fanfiction team came up with a list of situations, some descriptive some vague, to put our dimpled hybrid and sunkissed cheerleader in. Then we threw these at the authors and asked them to respond with the first thought that came to them.

Here is part I of our Rapid Fire Interview with Lea aka Heystrippah.

K.M –  Klaus and Caroline end up being body swapped with other people, who are they?

Lea – Cleopatra and Mark Antony. (KM sidenote – All we see is sex. And we like.)

K.M –  Klaus has a really weird habit. What is it and what is Caroline’s reaction?

Lea – He likes to touch her hair all the time because he’s fascinated by it and it’s nice at first but Caroline gets tired of being stroked like a pet all the time so she snips off a lock of her hair and fashions it into a bracelet for him so now he had a habit of stroking his wrist instead.

K.M – Klaus and Caroline have a movie night and it has to be a movie that they both like. What movie is it?

Lea – American Psycho. Caroline likes the cult classics and Klaus likes the killing.

K.M – Caroline gets another werewolf bite and doesn’t want the cure. What does Klaus do?

Lea – Shoves it down her throat and deals with the consequences after. (KM sidenote – Could a drabble be created on this, so we could understand better? *wink wink*)

K.M – Klaus surprises Caroline with a date to the county fair and drags him to a fortune teller booth (she or he is legit). What happens?

Lea – The fortune teller predicts Caroline’s death but doesn’t explain the exact circumstances so Klaus decides the only way to protect her is to lock her away permanently. Being locked up eventually drives Caroline crazy and she stakes herself through the heart with wood from her bed and dies. Irony. (KM sidenote – Did this have to be so sad *sniff*)

Read Lea’s fanfiction here

What did you think of our rapid fire questions? And Heystrippah’s answers? Do you have any such situations you’d like to see asked to your favorite authors? Then let us know in the comments below.

And watch out for part II of Lea’s interview in the coming week. And tomorrow, we bring to you another part of our rapid fire interview, with a new author and whole new set of questions!

Interviewed by Erin. Find her on Tumblr


2 responses to “Rapidfire Author Interview with heystrippah

  1. wow! she’s one of the best KC writers on the net. Check out her stories at fanfiction.net. Body Knows Best, Some Nights & The One Where.
    The Rapid Fire interview was so interesting, and its just part one. Cant wait for the next parts. Good Job guys! 😉

  2. I liked this. It was really fun reading the different situations and her responses. I thought the movie one was funny.

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