Rapidfire Author Interview with maevelin


Our fanfiction team came up with a little different type of Interview. A kind of a rapid or quick fire interview you see in chat shows. The point of a rapid fire is to respond with the first thought that comes in your head, a knee jerk response you might say. So us at the fanfiction team came up with a list of situations, some descriptive some vague, to put our dimpled hybrid and sunkissed cheerleader in. Then we threw these at the authors and asked them to respond with the first thought that came to them.

Here is part I of our Rapid Fire Interview with Felia aka Maevelin.

K.M – Caroline asks Klaus to take away her nightmares by giving her dreams. What does Klaus make her dream of?

Felia -Paris, Rome, Tokyo. (KM sidenote – Who knew three simple words could hold such a deeper meaning.)

K.M – Caroline learns that Klaus can play a(n) instrument(s)? What is it (are they)?

Felia – He knows almost every instrument there is. But he prefers the piano and the saxophone. And he always chooses to play the melancholic classical instrumentals.

K.M – Caroline has a phobia that Klaus discovers for the first time. What is it and how does he find out?

Felia -She is afraid of suffocating. They are at the beach and he sneaks up on her and pushes her down to the water and she panics even though she is a vampire and she cannot die. He does everything he can to make her feel safe again and to forgive him. Later she confesses to him that she has that phobia ever since Katherine killed her with the pillow in the hospital. Klaus has now one more reason to hunt down Katerina. (KM sidenote – We see a drabble in the making, who’s with us?)

K.M – Klaus and Caroline are secret lovers, but they get caught. Who catches them and how?

Felia – Elijah… when Klaus and Caroline are playing strip poker. He later wishes he could be compelled so he could have Klaus erase that memory from his head.

K.M – Klaus finds out about Carolines weird hobby. What is it?

Felia -She collects small chocolate wrappers. After that she finds a new small chocolate waiting her on her pillow each night. (KM sidenote – Oh the feels!)

Read Felia’s amazing fanfiction here

What did you think of our rapid fire questions? And Maevelin’s answers? Do you have any such situations you’d like to see asked to your favorite authors? Then let us know in the comments below.

And watch out for part II of Felia’s interview in the coming week. And day after tomorrow, we bring to you another part of our rapid fire interview, with a new author and whole new set of questions!

 Interview conducted by Valeria. Find her on Tumblr


2 responses to “Rapidfire Author Interview with maevelin

  1. All of them so beautiful.
    Maevelin I love all of your stories , the way you write is exceptional.
    I’m waiting patiently for the Possession up date.

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