TVD Recap 5×07: They All Fall Down

the vamp diaries 507

This week’s TVD episode begins with Silas at a bus stop, incredibly sassy and bitter in love, sitting beside a normal looking couple. He asks if they’re in love before spilling his life story of unfortunate events. The couple immediately think Silas is of course a nutcase, much like how Damon and Elena consider Amara to be one. Silas however liquefies’ the insides of male beside him. The female partner demands what Silas is doing to him where Silas simply retorts he is “pissed off at the world”

Elena wakes Stefan him from his slumber so she could continue her endeavour to rebuild her relationship… or as she puts it their “friendship” She wants them to remain remained close, unfortunately not understanding how hard it must be for Stefan to be in the presence of Elena now that Stefan has his memories back but Elena is overjoyed at the news, hugging him at Stefan’s expense.


Amara is locked up by Damon, they have all established she’s not only mortal but emotionally unstable. She wants to die, Silas wants her to die but that ruffles up Damon’s plans since Amara is the mortal anchor and with her death any hope of bringing Bonnie back from the other side  vanishes with her.

While Bonnie contemplates what it’s like beyond the other side Jeremy approaches stating that he has three things he needs to tell her, vowing this isn’t their goodbye. Bonnie interrupts him to say he shouldn’t tell her the final thing, not yet, to let this be their insurance she’ll live another day. The two later on walk into Amara’s cell to offer her food, when Amara clearly recognizes Jeremy, she questions him how he’s still living and asks if Bonnie is the one that brought him back. They’re both surprised to hear that Amara can see Bonnie and when Bonnie reaches out for Amara, Amara screams begging her not to touch her. But Bonnie can indeed touch Amara. Jeremy and Bonnie both come to the conclusion that Amara is the middle ground between the living and the dead.


Damon calls Silas to ensure he keeps his word of resurrecting Bonnie. Silas however, makes comments about human trivialities before telling Damon it would be much to his amusement to see Damon break his promise to Elena. He refuses to bring Bonnie back. Not too long later Damon makes his way to Tessa conjuring up a new deal between them. This is  typical of the Scooby gang, switching sides.

Katherine finds out from the professor that she’s dying and much faster than a mortal should. By the rate she’s currently aging she’ll only have a few months left.


Nadia lurks around campus waiting for her mother, swiftly commenting that Caroline leaving multiple messages for Jessie is “pathetic”. Sadly Caroline is left feeling like a nuisance, she does not want another relationship to mimic her one with Tyler. Klaus though, awaits Caroline’s calls and the only time we’ve ever seen him miss her messages was because he was already on his way.


Nadia confronts Katherine for abandoning her again where Kat explains bluntly she never abandoned her centuries ago.

Stefan is made to relive all of his memories, to sallow them down with the burden of his heighten vampire emotions. It means for him to remember the torture of drowning. He seeks Silas’ death in hope to save his humanity and his mind. For once Stefan focuses on trying to save himself.


Tessa the ultimate ex girlfriend shuts the door of the cellar absorbing Amara’s form, crazed and delirious, begging for Tessa to end her existence.  Amara mentions love was her only sin and for it she lives in hell.

At the Salvatore mansion Tessa is to perform the spell of converting the Anchor of the other side from Amara to Bonnie. Three dopple gangers stand about a table. Tessa draws blood from all three and coat Bonnie’s grimore with it. The blood magically swirls into a Triqueta but Silas intervenes blowing out the electricity.  In the chaos Stefan kidnaps Amara to lure Silas away from the Salvatore mansion. Silas laughs stating that that it’s his wish to have her die but Stefan counters he’ll do the opposite and makes sure she stays alive.

Silas finds Amara in the forest. The two share a passionate kiss, not straying too far from one another before Amara tells him that although she still loves him, she can’t continue living like this. She asks him to please end her life and Silas pulls out a knife to do so. He hesitates with the knife at her neck but she smiles encouraging him to go on. He cuts her slightly before Stefan pushes Silas against a neighbouring tree. Silas mocks Stefan about how many times he must remember dying, in the quarrel Stefan manages to throw a knife at Silas chest. Amara screams as he does so.


Damon following Elena’s orders goes looking for Stefan to find Silas dead and Amara plugging the same knife into her own chest. She says before it, that finally they can have their eternity together, in a very Romeo and Juliet, star cross lovers style.


Damon begs Amara to not die yet and feeds her his blood in hope he can heal her. Bonnie is aware of the dying Amara and desperately tells Jeremy to say what the final third thing and it is Jeremy’s “I love you” Jeremy reaches out for Bonnie and shocking to them they can feel each other once again. It doesn’t take too long for Elena and Caroline to realise too and attack Bonnie with hugs. When Jeremy and Bonnie are alone again they start of holding hands and then they share their longed kiss. Jeremy makes a final promise to never let go of Bonnie again.


For agreeing to be used and apart of the spell to make Bonnie the anchor, Katherine had demanded Tessa to save her from dying. After the spell is done, Katherine returns to Tessa to claim her eternal youth but Tessa is preoccupied with her victory, she slits her wrist to be on the other side with Silas leaving Katherine with a dying fate.


Katherine later goes to pick up her things from Caroline’s dorm. Caroline apologies to Katherine but Kat interrupts mentioning that she was the one that killed her and that Caroline was suppose to loath her. The girls agree to both hating each other but it doesn’t appear there are any hard feelings between them.


Nadia offers her mother a chance to travel Europe with her, to bond. Katherine however shuts her down, crushing Nadia’s heart somewhat to protect Nadia because perhaps this way she’ll be able to move on. Katherine doesn’t tell Nadia that she’s dying.

Tessa as a ghost visits Bonnie and tells her that she’ll feel every death of a supernatural being and the pain will be unbearable as they pass through her body. Bonnie screams in agony as Tessa passes through her.

The final scene is with Stefan burying Silas as well as trying to bury his memories but instead they appear to be ripping his soul apart as he falls to the ground withering in pain.

What did you think about the episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Article written by Monica. Find her on Tumblr.


3 responses to “TVD Recap 5×07: They All Fall Down

  1. I can’t believe they’ve killed off three characters in one ep and got rid of one. I’m sure we’ll all see them again (except for Amara probably) since Bonnie is now the anchor and can communicate with both worlds. I’m sad to see Silas die, he was super fun. Tessa not so much. 🙂
    I hope they somehow save Katherine and I think they will. Her and Caroline kick ass together, my favorite ship on tvd at the moment.

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