Pic of the Day – 17 November 2013

“You’ve got the love I need to see me through”

At first glance this graphic looks arbitrary, this beautiful couple dancing in the woods, with the caption noting that they are all each other needs. But once one things of it, you cannot help but imagine what if Klaroline were isolated as a couple, what if it was just the two of them – no Scooby gang, no crazy siblings, no wars – how much potential  could their love have?

Find the original image and graphic maker here


2 responses to “Pic of the Day – 17 November 2013

  1. I was JUST dreaming about Klaroline in the forest in NOLA! It was the day before Klaus’s birthday, and Klaus had enticed Caroline out of the house for a walk (Please, don’t ask me how she is in NOLA. I leave that to the writers. My brain likes to get to the good stuff aka Klaroline). They exchanged a few phrases back-and-forth. Then, Klaus voices, “By the way, my birthday’s tomorrow.” Caroline takes the news in pure Caroline style – first shock, then she yanks on her captain hat and starts brainstorming on how Klaus’s birthday should be celebrated (To Caroline not celebrating a birthday is a crime!). Klaus, just watches her go and starts smiling. Finally, she notices he’s not contributing to the conversation and just gazing at her.”What?” She asks. Klaus grins bigger and declares how stunning she is when she does that (or maybe he’ll say “nothing” and his enchantment will simply be conveyed on his face. I think I’ll sample both.) Then, my brain skips forward, past another exchange of birthday dialogue. Klaus is stating, “But a date with you…would make my birthday quite memorable.” Caroline pauses mid-stride. Klaus stares straight into her eyes. She gives Klaus the you’re-about-to-get-rejected face. Klaus counters smoothly like he always does. “Fine.” Caroline says. Klaus grins from ear to ear. “But this is not a date date! This is a happy birthday date!” Klaus still smiling, and simply joyful she said yes, speaks, “Whatever you say, love.” Aw. Klaroline fantasies. On them my Klaroline heart dines.They always get me. I’ve broken down crying over them. Wow, all of this because of one picture and caption. Whew! 🙂

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