Readers Opinion: Beneath Her Beautiful, an analysis of Caroline

Readers Opinion


The way I see Caroline Forbes is like a favorite accessory for any teenager or young woman. She’s someone you simply must have, a one-person broad squad with a triple C plan: care, counsel and cheer. It’s friend-tervention at its best.

Caroline is a life line; a constant, steady force fueling and leading friends through life’s highs and lows. She’s dependable, loyal and encouraging. No wonder the world’s most powerful creature fancies her.

Caroline is my favorite female character from the television series The Vampire Diaries. I enjoy her almost as much as Niklaus Mikaelson does and I’ve been prompted to explore and investigate this character further. She has been underrated and misinterpreted for so long. I plan to rectify this.

From the snippets of information I was able to gather throughout seasons one to four, I now believe Caroline’s childhood could have been angst-ridden and unstable. Let’s begin with her father, William “Bill” Forbes.

Bill was a resident of Mystic Falls who moved away from his home and family while his daughter was an adolescent. He lived with his partner Steven and temporarily returned to Mystic Falls to chastise the Council about their failures of keeping vampires out of town.

Now one can easily conclude that young Caroline must have witnessed arguments between her parents based on betrayal, anger and resentment. Being an only child, Caroline most likely developed some of her manic qualities trying to tune out the loud, scary voices in her house. Perhaps she resorted to school work or cleaning her bedroom to deal with the hostility. With no one around to confide in, I’ve concluded that she made honourable, arduous attempts as a youngster to make things better for her family. Little Caroline was surely afraid that daddy would leave her and her mom behind. Caroline was desperate to be enough for Bill and probably ached to make things at home worth his while.

It’s obvious to me that Mr. Forbes would have been a demanding and stubborn man. I wonder how over-ambitious and forceful he was with Caroline. He probably expected her to maintain honors in school and an impressive status like Miss Mystic Falls for the family name. That could have derived from his insecurities or regrets.

I remember how easy it was for Bill to stay eerily composed as he tortured Caroline. She was docile and certainly not a threat and yet he demonstrated no qualms about afflicting physical pain to his only child. I speculate he could have been quick with his hands or temper when she was younger. No wonder Caroline was insecure and so eager to please throughout high school. If her father couldn’t love her unconditionally, who would? She and Klaus may have more in common than they know.

When Bill left his family, Caroline and her workaholic mom Liz continued to live in a small town. It’s not implausible that Caroline suffered from many discerning eyes due to her father’s lifestyle. She would not succumb to discrimination of any kind. Caroline wanted to be strong and accomplished that, for a thousand year old hybrid took notice.

As for Liz, a taciturn woman, she doesn’t strike me as someone who offered her daughter much consolation or courage (although it was lovely to see her accompany Care to college). Caroline always found strength on her own and without a pity-fest of any kind. I admire that the most about her. She doesn’t drag her past out for sympathy. In fact, there’s so much about her life that she has not shared with the people closest to her. The more I write about her the more I love this character. Even with imperfections Caroline’s flawless to me. She’s real.

Something else struck me about Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes. When she discovered where Bill was victimizing their daughter, Liz walked in on a gruesome scene but was so cool and collected. I was wrong in assuming the mother would be more troubled and angry. It left me wondering if Caroline truly ever had support in the Forbes home. She was and continues to be a loving and devoted daughter who perhaps was never fully appreciated. Actually this resonates with the writers of the show, too. Caroline certainly deserves more air time and recognition.

Now there’s Mr. Damon Salvatore to talk about. Indeed Caroline’s eyes studied the handsome newcomer and each of them demonstrated an interest. He later brainwashed her through compulsion, abused, raped and fed from her. No wonder the thought of Elena and Damon together makes Caroline “want to barf”! Elena never questioned the elder Salvatore and became intimate with her best friend’s attacker. Like Klaus, Caroline is a fan of loyalty and I suppose many times she feels discarded. I long for the day she will sit with the Original hybrid and have a tête-à-tête. Actually I’ve always wished Julie Plec would create a scene for us where Klaus finds out about Damon’s history with Caroline and truly gives him something he deserves.

As though Elena’s disregard was not enough, her now ex-boyfriend Tyler (who was always somewhat of a pompous ass) seems to enjoy sex with Caroline more than counting his lucky stars. To have a trustworthy and dedicated girlfriend by your side in this day and age is rare. He doesn’t deserve her. When they broke up I made a happy dance in my living room. Good riddance.

Ultimately the point to this essay is to give credit where credit is overdue. Beautiful Caroline Forbes is even more stunning underneath her lovely, ivory skin and blonde glorious hair. There’s so much we don’t know about her and I do hope the writers explore her potentials. She’s fit to be Queen and Klaus knows it. It’s time they make her play the part.

– Article written by Anna R.D. Find her on Twitter

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8 responses to “Readers Opinion: Beneath Her Beautiful, an analysis of Caroline

  1. I definitely loved the last paragraph! Very well said, Caroline is indeed a Queen material.
    We’ve seen her journey, struggles and drama. We’ve all hated & loved her. We’ve seen all the men of her life, from the nasty selfish guys to the uber romantic hybrid original type.
    Caroline character had evolved and continously progressing as of this time. And being a loyal Klaroline shipper I think that The Originals world would be more beneficial for her, for this growth.
    I hope that it will happen in the future, if not now but soon. Its a waste if Klaroline will not happen, it has a lot of potential.
    Thanks KM, love this! 😉

  2. I understand and appreciate that you’re trying understand Caroline but you’re kind of making her out to be a victim. There’s no way Caroline’s father was abusive to her before he found out she was a vampire. The way she talked about him and to him exhibits closeness and no fear at all. Bill, in his twisted way, believed he was helping her. Even worse, you saw Liz’s reaction as lack of caring. Liz was that controlled because she’s a sheriff: she’s used to being in these situations. Liz obviously cares about Caroline a lot and I think the strength and confidence that Caroline has stems partly from her mom. JP makes Caroline a victim too much- don’t join her.

    • I don’t think she meant it as Bill being abusive to Caroline. Although I think that Bill is the kind of dad that pushes his child to be the perfect student. That kind of thing. I think that both her parents care for Caroline. It’s just that Bill values what makes him happy and his beliefs over her (which is not really a bad thing) and Liz just don’t know how to express it in her daughter’s human days.

  3. I am loving the Caroline love! Moreover, I personally believe her relationship with her father is one of the best parent-child relationships in TVD. What he said to her in 3×12, the episode he died touched my heart. I like pondering on how his words parallel with Klaus’s words to her in 3×14. Caroline always said her dad understood her the most, and Klaus being able to perceive Caroline’s true self like only her father could…did the writers do this on purpose or is this just a happy coincidence? Also, Caroline was the one who misinterpreted her mother’s love for her. TVD reveals that Liz loved her daughter all along. 🙂 However, your article did cause me to wonder why Caroline needed to be so loved by men. She had her best friends and her dad; something was missing. I completely concur with you the exploring Caroline’s character even the more idea, preferably with Klaus doing the exploring. I mean he wants to know her – her hopes, her dreams, everything she wants in life. How did everything get brought back to Klaroline? LOL. 🙂

  4. Thanks very much for the feedback. As a family life counselor & early childhood professional I have been inclined to understand Caroline’s nature. She is often misunderstood & it seems to me she is happiest when others are content. Over a pot of coffee one early morn, I decided to put my focus into this admirable character.
    Have a pleasant week everyone.

  5. So much Caroline feels! 😀 I agree with what she said to the father. The most heartbreaking part for me in regards to the torture Caroline gone through by her father was when she repeatedly apologized for not “getting it right.”

  6. Caroline’s dad may not have been abusive as some call it abusive but he seemed to expect a lot out of her. I can relate a lot to how Anna worded it “If her father couldn’t love her unconditionally, who would? ” I think that Caroline gets her perfectionist nature from her father because he expected a lot from her like most dads do of their little girls. They want them to have good grades etc and for Caroline to get her father’s approval she internalizes her father’s wishes as her own over time so that she will feel accepted not only by her father but by her friends, family etc. One would think that her father’s rejection of her in part would cause her to either rethink how she approaches life choices or it would make her more manic about getting the approval she seeks…maybe over time we will see this more in play? Caroline as an adult needs to realize what is important to her and not just the reflections of her family or friends. No one is that selfless or caring without there being a reason behind it. Just my opinion….#Klarolineshipper

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