Video of the Week: She’s Fit For A Queen by MissCatherinePierce


“She’s special. She’s a queen, fit for a king.”

He said it on another show. He pretty much said it about another girl (not as his point of view though, but Marcel’s). And yet, we would all be lying if we said that our hearts didn’t clench painfully as these words left Klaus’ lips and that our minds didn’t immediately think of Caroline. Because she is his queen. Utterly and unmistakably.

She’s the light to his darkness–

(I stared up at the sun)

–the happiness to his pain, the ray of life that fills the void death created inside of him in all these centuries in which he has roamed the Earth alone. That’s what we love the most about Klaus and Caroline in the first place—how they complete each other, how they are breathtakingly meant to be. They’re the two opposite pieces of the same achingly beautiful puzzle.

And what I love the most about this video is that the song choice represents just that, the inner working of Klaus and Caroline’s relationship.

(You can feel the light start to tremble,
washing what you know out to sea,
you can see your life out of the window tonight).

Because if Klaus and Caroline actually ever were to come together, losing themselves into each other is basically all that they are going to be about. Because just as much as Klaus shows Caroline a side of him that nobody else ever gets to see (because she’s pure, pure light, and he can’t help but be swallowed by it and reflect some of his own), with Klaus, Caroline will finally be able to allow herself to fully grow into the amazing woman we all know she has the potential to be—strong, ageless, fearless.

And what is so beautiful about them is that it’s obvious how they both have the potential to become better people thanks to the other, but at the same time hold onto what it is that makes them who they are. It’s something more rare than uncommon in a relationship, and they have it.

(If I lose myself tonight,
it’ll be by your side).

Article written by Giulia. Find her on Tumblr


One response to “Video of the Week: She’s Fit For A Queen by MissCatherinePierce

  1. Great video.
    I have a question in regard to TO. I’ve only seen 4 episodes so far, so I might not completely know what I’m talking about but does anyone else get the feeling Klaus is different? Less bad ass, more dramatic and way too teary eyed? He almost cries in every single ep and that is way too much emotion so soon. I mean, I really enjoyed the first 3 episodes, but the 4th one was too much. Even Rebakah isn’t like Rebekah all the time and Hayley is too nice. Is it just me? Does it get better?

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