And they wonder why we never give up…A Klaroliners Manifesto


Us Klaroliners have been through the ringer. We have been talked about, told we’re crazy and delusional. But I wonder if the writers or actors have ever taken the time to really see what we see. What this relationship between Caroline and Klaus could be, will be, and shall be.

Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.~Morihei Ueshiba

I think Klaus’s infatuation with Caroline comes from her loyalty and devotion. He know’s if he were to ever be on that list. She would never leave his side.








Lucity-The quality of being easily understood. I picked this word because that is what Klaus needs the most. To be understood, a certain clarity.

Openness-No barriers. Klaus needs this feeling with someone on an intimate level. Like coming home and telling someone about your day. An outlet that you don’t have to compel.

Yearning– Deep longing. Klaus needs to feel wanted and Caroline needs to feel appreciated.

Allegiance-Loyalty or devotion to some person, or cause. This is the main quality that Caroline has and Klaus admires in her for it.

Love– Passionate affection for another person. This is what Caroline and Klaus want the most, to be loved.

Truthfulness-Telling the truth. The first time they talked in his art studio, this is exactly what Caroline did. Be truthful with Klaus, he even thanked her after.

Yen– A desire or craving. Caroline has a desire to live,and not let her past darken her future. Klaus has a desire to be loved and never abandoned.

I know there are a lot of other words that could fit, but these stuck out to me. for this is the real reason I feel like our fandom will never give up.

When they realize truly that we have anchored this ship and it’s not going anywhere. Anyone standing beside Klaus & Caroline, will never have the same electricity as these two together. They won every single poll they were in. That speaks volumes for a couple that has never kiss or been intimate.

I mean look at it….really. You have two separate shows and one subject keeps popping up….Klaroline. So for the actors and writers,you may be tired of answering Klaroline questions. As Julie Plec, Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan put it. They never thought it would be such a big thing and I don’t think they really understand why. I’ll make it simple:

Caroline is the Yin and Klaus is the Yang.

You have two people that are totally opposite but yet, they can understand one another. And what they each lack the other has.

So stay..strong, positive, hopeful and faithful Klaroliners

We have trolls that give us a bad name but a true Klaroliner. Will always be respectful why…because we know the greatness of our ship. We don’t have tell anyone or make assumptions. The proofs in the pudding.

So let them bore us with mediocre ships in the mealtime. Yes, it will plenty that will abandon ship. In fact they did but for us still standing, we are the foundation of what their relationship could be. Loyal and Devoted

And that’s why we never give up on Klaroline.

Article written by Arcena. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter,



11 responses to “And they wonder why we never give up…A Klaroliners Manifesto

  1. Thanks for reminding me why klaroline is so awesome!! I wont give up on this ship. I will be loyal and devoted even when TO series end.

    • Yes, please don’t give up. I think they realize the impact of this great ship. We just have to stay the course.

  2. “Caroline has a desire to live,and not let her past darken her future. Klaus has a desire to be loved and never abandoned.”
    That’s so exactly right. Klaroline is endgame whatever happens on the shows!

  3. This article was breathtaking. Way to build up my strength! I am going to reread LOYALTY. Awesome. Thank you for writing this powerful piece. The beauty of Klaroline! Wow…

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  5. Well said. I cant say more, you have tackles evrything that is to be loved for this ship.
    I just realized while reading your amazing article that somehow what both klaus & caroline need and want is also what I need sometimes. Thats why I like them, because I understand what they were actually feeling.
    Anyway enough about me, as I have said before whatever happens I will never gonna abandon the ship. All the writers trash and lame pairings can be thrown at me but I will stand from I believe in.
    Klaroline is amazing. It warms my heart just talking about them. My imagination runs wild. I feel a overwhelming desire for them.
    That makes them Epic, End Game and a one effin OTP. Suck that! 😉

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