Rapidfire Author Interview with clangwee


Our fanfiction team came up with a little different type of Interview. A kind of a rapid or quick fire interview you see in chat shows. The point of a rapid fire is to respond with the first thought that comes in your head, a knee jerk response you might say. So us at the fanfiction team came up with a list of situations, some descriptive some vague, to put our dimpled hybrid and sunkissed cheerleader in. Then we threw these at the authors and asked them to respond with the first thought that came to them.

Here is part I of our Rapid Fire Interview with Marianna aka Clangwee/Hybridtunnelvision.

KM –  Caroline is on the internet one day and finds a blog that turns out to be Klaus’s. What is the Original Hybrid posting about?

Marianna – Recipes. Hannibal-esque gourmet. (KM sidenote – You live a 1000 years normal food has to get boring, we get it.)

KM –  Caroline is Klaus’ captive and manages to run away from him. What does he do? How does he react?

Marianna – He’ll come after her and take her in her sleep. (KM sidenote – Us at the Klaroline Magazine are totally filthy minded, and we took ‘take her’ in a completely different way than it was probably meant.)

KM – A witch grants Caroline and Klaus one ‘no-conditions apply’ wish. But both get only one wish combined, and must agree on it. What do they ask for? And why?

Marianna – A human child that is their own.

KM –  Klaus watches Caroline die. How does he react? What does he think?

Marianna – He’ll be numbed but the tears won’t stop flowing. He’ll think of following her to death. (KM sidenote – Ouch that hurts to think of.)

KM – Caroline watches Klaus die? How does she react? What does she think?

Marianna – Same. She’ll meet the sun if only she could see him again because they’re epic like that. (KM sidenote – Ok so we might regret asking this question.)

What did you think of our rapid fire questions? And Clangwee’s answers? Do you have any such situations you’d like to see asked to your favorite authors? Then let us know in the comments below.

And watch out for part II of Marianna’s interview in the coming week. Next week we bring you Part II’s of all three author’s featured this week.

Read Marianna’s amazing fanfiction here

Interview conducted by Erin. Find her on Tumblr.



2 responses to “Rapidfire Author Interview with clangwee

  1. LOL @ taking her in her sleep. My mind went straight to the gutter. It wasn’t after I read the side note I realized it probably wasn’t meant that way. 🙂

  2. Our overactive imagination runs wild for Klaroline. Love the whole interview, lots of side notes w/c is cute.
    I would really want them to have their own child of their own, w/c is quite imposible. but who knows, right?
    Cant wait for part 2. 😉

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