Time for #KlarolineTakeoverWeek

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Klaroline has taken over every poll it has been in, the comment section of any article which has a sliver of a mention of either of them, tumblr blogs, people’s bedroom walls and I’m pretty sure my life, now it’s time for it to takeover Twitter.

Starting from today, the Klaroline Fandom will attempt to trend Klaroline-related phrases every day for the rest of the week. From Monday to Friday at 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm UK, 9pm CET, us the lovers of this amazing couple will come out in droves and trend:

Monday: Klaroline is Vampire Royalty

Tuesday: Klaroline will happen in time

Wednesday: King and Queen of NOLA

Thursday: Klaroline is still alive

Friday: Candice to The Originals

So don’t sit idly by, get your fingers working and help us raise awareness and show how alive and determined we are. Join in on #KlarolineTakeoverWeek

Article written by Caryn. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter


12 responses to “Time for #KlarolineTakeoverWeek

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for spreading the word. This is really overwhelming.
    Thank you KM for supporting the KlarolineTakeoverWeek. Hope that all the Klaroliners & Kcers around the world would spare some time to take apart to this.
    Lets all spread the Klaroline Love! We need you guys 😉

  2. May I suggest that we be more specific for the Wednesday tweet like Klaroline:King and Queen of NOLA.
    Others may think that is Klaus and someone else.

  3. Just to be clear (I’ve just created a twitter accout – everything for Klaroline) and even though I’ve had twitter back in the day and deleted it afterwards, I was never very active and I have a question for you. When I do the Klaroline support week, do I just tweet these sentences and put #KlarolineTakeoverWeek next to it? Or do I do (for today for example) Klaroline is Vampire Royalty only? Or #Klaroline is Vampire Royalty? I don’t want to do it wrong. Thanks for the help.

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