Drabble of the Week: A lesson in punctuality by she.daydreams.in.colour


Looking for something slightly naughtier to read in your spare time? Then this is definitely for you. A little tasteful smut can go a looooong way.

she.daydreams.in.colour’s A lesson in punctuality will take you to a very happy place in AU/AH land, where Klaus and Caroline are just as equally pleased, if not more so.

Who doesn’t like a good office romance, where the girlfriend goes to visit her totally-late-for-a-lunch-date boyfriend? A corporate bigwig working quite diligently on securing a hefty sum of petroleum to make our little cars putt putt where we need them to go. Some teasing foreplay to distract from time consuming phone calls and there you have it!

Hot and heavy romance with a light, yet equally hot ending.

Add in poor Stefan Salvatore scurrying to make the sounds of accidentally overheard office lovin’ go away (and failing), with a short cameo by Damon to make an awkward situation that much more unforgettable, and you have one shot perfection!

A fine, smoking romance and a touch of comedy to cool you off.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a lesson in punctuality.


Read it here

Have you read A Lesson in Punctuality? What did you think?

Review written by Erin. Find her on Tumblr.


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