Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Klaroline?


Hey Klaroline shippers, we’ve got a little Klaroline trivia quiz for you today. So get your shipping caps on and get that memory jogged, ten questions coming right up!

**EDIT: Due to comments, the correct amount of parties has been inserted

1. What did Klaus give to Caroline in 3×11?

(a) A mini-fridge

(b) Diamond bracelet

(c) Fossil of his childhood pet dinosaur

(d) A handkerchief (brand new, his is thoroughly used)

2. How many parties have Klaus and Caroline both attended?

(a) 2

(b) 9

(c) 6

(d) 1

3. Who said this: “I’m going to take that as a compliment. Can I offer you some champagne?”

(a) Stefan

(b) Klaus

(c) Caroline

(d) Jeremy

4. What was Caroline referred to as in 3×09?

(a) Pretty little girlfriend

(b) Ditzy blonde

(c) Vampire Barbie

(d) Red Queen

5. In which episode did Klaus and Caroline meet?

(a) 1×04

(b) 3×11

(c) 3×05

(d) 5×01

6. What did Klaus read from in 4×07?

(a) Caroline’s Miss Mystic application

(b) “Medical Marvels” by Sophie Deveraux

(c) Mystic Falls community newspaper

(d) Tyler Lockwood’s little black book

7. When Caroline is asking Klaus for a dress she says she wants to look as hot as which celebrity?

(a) Faye Dunaway

(b) Marilyn Monroe

(c) Snooki

(d) Grace Kelly

8. What’s the first endearment Klaus used for Caroline?

(a) Love

(b) Sweetheart

(c) Babe

(d) Darling

9. Klaus swore that he would be what during the season four finale?

(a) The best darn hybrid he could be

(b) A kangaroo

(c) Caroline’s last love

(d) The wings beneath her wings

 10. What episode did Klaus and Caroline sleep in the same room?

(a) 4×13

(b) 3×21

(c) 3×14

(d) 4×20

Answer Key:  

1, b

2, c

3, b

4, a

5, c

6, a

7, d

8, a

9, c

10, a

So how did you go? Easy-peasy for a shipper like you, right?

If you answered 0-5 questions correctly: we’re confused how you’re here

Seriously? You call yourself a shipper? With at least five incorrect answers and your lacking knowledge. Time to buckle down and study your “OTP”. Sit down and rewatch S3-4 again, read and reread the Klaroline TVD wiki page. Any-thing.

If you answered 6-8 questions correctly: you’re good but you’re not great

Well at least you’re mid-range, it could be worst. Don’t get comfortable though because there’s improvement to be had!

If you answered 9-10 questions correctly: woah, we bow at your shipperness

Okay, level with us. Are you sure you’re not a writer of the show? (We all know how much they love Klaroline after all.) The sheer about of knowledge you have regarding this good ship both astounds and scares us. Sit back and relax, nobody’s pushing you off your shipping throne.


19 responses to “Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Klaroline?

  1. Hey just one thing. It was 5 parties actually. You forget the party that was moved to the Lockwood house on the day Mikael died. They both attended only they didn’t speak to each other. Caroline was vervained by Matt and Klaus well you know what happened.

  2. I got 9/10 correct. I got question 2 wrong. Now that I think about it, klaus did set up a party at Tyler’s home and thats when he said “there’s your little pretty girlfriend” Arr darn it. I thought I had it in the bag. I have to say, question 10 got me thinking. Of course, how can i forget the epic scene when klaus saved caroline and she admit that klaus is in love with her. HEHEHE =D

  3. yess! 10/10 – i sail this ship 😉
    ps: i agrre on the number of the parties being 5!
    1. as Alaric bigbad Klaus
    2. daddy killing Klausy
    3. prince charming Nik
    4. girl stealing Klaus
    5. perfect date Niklaus 🙂

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  5. i have a question now that I’ve thought about it a bit. In which episode did Klaus call Caroline love for the first time? I know in 3×11 he called her sweetheart, but I can’t remember if he called her love in Reckoning? Did he? I don’t have the ep so I can’t check. Thanks.

  6. 10/10. Keep em coming please x
    And how could you be sure that Klaus and Caroline slept in the same room because I’ve watched that episode a shit ton of times.

  7. Only 8. I need to re watch the episodes to catch up on my OTP (I got the party question and the sleeping question wrong

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