The Klaroline Magazine is moving!

klaroline news

Before you panic, we aren’t leaving you, we wouldn’t dare, there is too much Klaroline to advocate for and too many Klaroliners to honor! But over the past month, you guys have gone above and beyond to support and encourage us and we have grown far more then we ever expected, so due to this, we have decided to launch on our own featured site, away from the blogsphere, so we can do so much more with the magazine.

From Thursday, we will be publishing exclusively from the new site, so in the mean time, subscribe to the new site so you won’t miss anything, you can find it at

And once again, thank you to all you amazing people who continue to support us! We love you all!


Tanya, Caryn and the Klaroline Magazine Team


6 responses to “The Klaroline Magazine is moving!

  1. Awesome, subscribed. At first I almost got a heart attack. 😉 I am really enjoying this community, I never thought I would get so invested in this. I’m not a teenager anymore but I’m still very much into this ship, both feet and whole heart. 🙂

  2. You got me there. Super good news for the magazine & the whole fandom. It will never gonna be this big without everyone’s overwhelming support. Let give ourselves a big round of applause guys.
    This really something to brag on. 😉

  3. I am so excited! The magazine has grown to the point if being able to launch its own site! I don’t know if I can fully express my delight, congratulations, and immense pride! Way to go KM!

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