November Author of the Month: AddriannaDestiny


We gave you all a hard task to do, we know, asking you to vote for one author among 5, each of which have given us plenty of Klaroline fics to sate our feels with. And the results of your votings are in, and you have chosen the winner, but really, every single author in the poll is a winner. As long as they keep writing amazing Klaroline fics for the fandom we’ll love them with our shipper hearts and ponder whether naming our firstborns after them might be a step too far.

Thus, as determined by our readers voting our Feature Author Of The Month is AddriannaDestiny 

aotm nov

If you’re looking for an author who writes Klaroline romances with a dash of mystery and adventure then look no further than AddriannaDestiny.

You may know her from some of her popular works like Gravity, Season of the Wolves, and Hostage, or one of her newer fics such as Friends, then? or Don’t remember me. Klaroline fans will surely find something to enjoy within her 18 stories, most of which have been completed, so no worries about never knowing what happens to our favorite couple here!

If you enjoy AU or AH fics you will find lots on AddriannaDestiny’s page, with plenty of M rated fics for good measure. For those Klaroliners with a hankering for Kennett, you are very much in luck, as this is her next favorite OTP to include in her fics as a side pairing. As for the main pair, her Caroline’s and Klaus’s are always well done and in character, even in her AU/AH fics, which makes reading the stories that much more enjoyable.

AddriannaDestiny’s plots often involve intricate mysteries which leave you wondering what will happen next. While the characters work to unravel the latest mystery in their world, she is able to still advance the Klaroline relationship without compromising the overall plot.

Whatever you may crave at that very moment, some romance or fluff or angst or mystery, we assure you, you’ll find it in one of her many stories. Her FF page is like an all genre fanfiction all you can read buffet! So buckle up, put on those elastic pants and get ready for some Klaroline reading!

Article written by Jess. Find her on Tumblr

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3 responses to “November Author of the Month: AddriannaDestiny

  1. Good choice guys! I love her stories. Dark, Romantic & Smutty. Detailed, you can really picture out & imagine the scenes with every line.
    Cant explain how much I love her! 😉

  2. I ‘ve read all of her stories and they are AMAZING.She should be the writer for the shows not only because she would make Klaroline more epic than it is but because her plots are much more interesting than the ones on the shows.
    I love her so much and I hope she’ll never stops writing about Klaroline.

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