Review: The Inevitable by lostinmysticfalls

fanfic review yana


Author: lostinmysticfalls

Rating: M

Status: Complete (One-Shot)

A sweet and lemony one-shot with a side of fluff. Rated M for the obvious. Klaus/Caroline with a tiny bit of Tyler.


The Inevitable is an AU Klaroline One Shot that takes a few established scenes from 3×14 and 3×15 while creating a different set of events between Klaus and Caroline. It is split into three parts that progress over time as the Klaus and Caroline relationship grows. It starts out with our favorite blonde vampire knocking on the door of the infamous Original Hybrid. Once he opens the door, the sexual and emotional tension is clear as they two swap snarky comments back and forth. With the combined forces of Klaus’ flirtation and Caroline’s scoffing, the story already starts off with an entertaining and interesting turn. As this first part continues we see more of the rising feelings between the two as well as the push and pull that we all grew to love. The temptation is strung along with pushing Caroline to notice her hidden feelings more than usual.

In the second part the doubts that Caroline has about Klaus are more fleshed out. Her constant battle to deny that she feels something for Klaus begin to dim. The strength of their friendship is solid and makes the reader smile with the fluffy moments that make hearts melt. There is a brief Tyler appearance that isn’t long or even worrisome which shows the paving of Klaus and Caroline as a couple in the story. Fast forwarding to the third part that begins a bit more angst filled but continues along with funny banter. The scenes only pick up more and more towards the end, making the Klaroline shippers rejoice with each new conversation. In the last part we finally have Caroline confronting her feelings for Klaus following an unfortunate incident that opens Caroline’s eyes to what she had been missing.

The plot is compelling, intense but also grounded. It is very realistic in the sense of The Vampire Diaries and Season 3. The interactions between the characters are raw while true to form. It’s fun to read and provides some entertaining moments that stand out against the serious scenes. The one shot may be simply in summary but still sets out to be different. The author conveys a variety of emotions throughout the selected parts. The ending is very sweet and adorable only adding to the fluff in the story. It is a must read for fluff lovers because of the perfect Klaroline scenes that will have you aww-ing. I give it 5 stars because of the good pace, easy to enjoy with a mix of fluff and smut.

If I was to point out a lacking part of the story I would have to say Klaus’ characterization. During Season 3 he was still his vengeful self even if Caroline happened to be in the scene, making him all dimply. He still keeps a safe distance from the Mystic Falls gang because of his need to assert his authority over them. In this fanfiction he still is his brooding self but is much more like Season 4 Klaus when around Caroline. He is more open and convincing yet that only happened in the 4th Season when he finally realized his love for the blonde.

Caroline is much more in character by the way that she constantly denies what is right in front of her when speaking about Klaus. But the relationship between Tyler and her ends much too simply which wouldn’t happen exactly in that form. Caroline seems to cling to Tyler as a security blanket that reminds her that everything will stay the same forever. Klaus on the other hand is the one who is willing to open any door that Caroline. Change isn’t appealing to Caroline so it would take a while and something drastic to finally show the blonde that she deserves and wants more, in love and life.

Honestly, choosing something that is lacking in this story was ultimately hard since the story as a whole was very inviting and lovely. As a fan of fluff involving Klaroline, I was drawn to this fanfiction beforehand so rereading it only made me happier. It provides a fairytale ending for Klaus and Caroline as well as the blonde embracing her inner queen status that was always offered to her with no words needed. The author took two good episodes, changing them drastically to form a fantastic read.

In conclusion, this is a must read immediately for any Klaroline shipper. The combined forces of nice Klaus and stubborn Caroline, what you have ready for you to discover is a cozy, positive story to make you remember exactly why you love klaus and Caroline so much. I enjoyed it for the dynamic scenes between the Original Hybrid and his queen Caroline. I promise this will leave you desperate for more yet still obsessed with what you have already read.

Read The Inevitable here

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 Review written by Yana. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter.

Cover made by Nicole. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter.

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  1. Why did I read this article while listening to “Without A Word” by Birdy (Bonnie’s funeral song)? I’m crying. Will read.

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