Team Vacancies

We are still looking for people to fill the following positions, if you are interested fill in the form below:

Fanfiction Team: Content Writer

We require one content writer to become a part of our Fanfiction Team. The job role of a content writer is two fold:

  1. You’d be required to create overviews of a given fanfiction i.e a small, detailed and interesting overview of the fiction.
  2. You’d be required to help our researchers create our various Top 25 lists, and then subsequently fill in the content of the list.

If you are interested in this position then please submit to us a small, summary/overview of your favorite fanfic.

Fun Stuff Team: Comic Artist

If you are talented when it comes to getting your draw on, and are rather quick-witted with words, and have time to engage the readers in regular cartoon, we want you. If you are interested, send us one of your cartoons! If you have any queries about this, then please feel free to contact us.

Opinions/News Team: News Writers

We require two news writers, who will be able to write short articles regarding interviews, spoilers, fandom news etc. If you interested, write three paragraphs about what you think Tyler’s appearance in NOLA will mean for Klaroline.

Graphics Team: Graphic Maker

We require one graphic maker who will required to make graphics etc for our various sites as well as graphics to support the features of sections. If you are interested in this then please link us to what you believe is your best graphics.

Graphics Team: Gif Maker

We require one gifset makers who would be required to make Klaroline gifs for the blogs (sidebars, banners, etc) as well as gifs for the articles of other sections. If you are interested in this then please link us to what you believe is your best gifset.

Graphics Team: Pic of the day

A daily running feature of the Graphics section is ‘The Pic of the day’. The pic of day can be from a Klaroline graphic, or manip or even something related to the fandom, and doesn’t have to be tumblr, but other sites as well(deviantart, fanpop, etc). So, for this feature, we require one person to be in charge of picking ‘The pic of the day’ every day. If you are interested in this position, then submit an example of a ‘Pic of the day’.

Human Resource Manager

So you’re friendly, you enjoy talking to new people, you are organised as hell and you love Klaroline more than it is healthy? We require a Human Resource Manager who can handle recruitment and organisation of teams. You would need to engage with section managers and editors regularly, write up job descriptions, handle applications, communicate with applicants and deal with grievances and logistics of team members. If this is up your alley, contact us and we will get back to you.

Site Administrators: 

Site administrators must be efficient in handling wordpress and must possess basic HTML knowledge. Site administrators must be available to maintain the site; Its various pages and sections. They must help in fixing glitches as and when they arrive, and facilitate managers and team members in using the site. Site administrators must be available to answer queries about the working of the site and also provide the Editors with suggestions on how to improve.



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