November’s New Fic of the Month: Coven by LoveOblivious



We didn’t stop our hard tasks at just Author Of The Month, that would be too nice of us. We also threw at you 5 amazing New Fanfics which have started in the past 1-2 months and asked you to vote for your favorite. Horrible we know. Despite that our readers voted for their favorite New Fanfic of the month, and here is what you voted for.

As directed by the fingers of our readers voting for their favorite, our New Fanfic Of The Month is Coven by LoveOblivious 

 nfotm nov

Coven is a Klaroline AU set in New Orleans, where Klaus is king and Caroline is a powerful young member of The Sisters of Brigid; a witch coven that opposes the devious hybrid.

Both unaware of the other’s true identity, they spend a passion filled night together; one neither is able to forget. When they both discover who the other really is they feel conflicted. Caroline knows she should hate him with every fiber of her being; he’s her coven’s enemy, an abomination against nature. But the way he makes her feel confuses her.

Klaus has a thousand years of experience telling him that everything about being with Caroline is a bad idea, but he still feels drawn to her. Will they be able to overcome their differences and prejudices and find a way to be together, or will being from two different supernatural worlds prove to be too much?

Find out more as this new fanfic fleshes out into something we predict is going to nothing short of awesome!

Article written by Jess. Find her on Tumblr

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